Super Armor

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Hardware
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Jet Propulsion, and Electrocution
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After a fight with Lex Luthor, Batman returned to the Batcave and was tended to by Alfred Pennyworth. He noted in vain that Batman's rib cage looked like an old picket fence. Batman assured him he was taking protection with him. They walked upstairs to the Super Armor suit. Pennyworth inquired if it was enough to prevail over Luthor's suit. Batman assured him he just needed to get close enough to disable the suit's energy packs. Pennyworth asked about the robot and noted it even had a co-pilot chamber. Batman was curious. Pennyworth turned his attention to the scans, there was one cockpit in the front and one in the rear of the robot. Batman realized one was a battery and deduced Luthor kidnapped Superman and turned him into a solar battery to power the robot. Batman suited up and flew back to the Claremon Airfield. Batman raised a guard by his leg and levitated high above the airfield. He caved and told Batman Luthor left an hour ago in a C-17 cargo plane. He swore that was all he knew. Batman asked him where the plane was headed.

Batman flew off towards Metropolis and attacked the cargo plane. Batman realized the warsuit was at half-strength thanks to Brainiac's beam. Batman clocked Luthor. He retreated to the plane, shed the warsuit, and jumped into the robot's cockpit. The robot burst out of the plane and grabbed Batman. Luthor declared he wouldn't escape. Batman fired a taser into the robot and jolted it with a Kryptonite charge. Superman was roused from Luthor's mind control device and broke free from the robot using heat vision and his super strength.