Anti-Life Equation

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): Destroyer
Powers/Skills: Domination and Mind Control
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Anti-Life Equation is the grandest secret of the universe and is said to lay within the Source Wall. Legend says that one who possesses the Solution to the Equation can dominate the will of any sentient race. The actual Equation is: loneliness plus alienation plus fear plus despair plus self-worth divided by mockery divided by condemnation divided by misunderstanding times guilt times shame times failure times judgment where n equals y, y equals hope, n equals folly, love equals lies, life equals death, and self equals dark side. Once spoken, victims resign themselves to the fact that freedom is pointless and become mindless slaves. Thus, the concepts of freedom and hope can counteract the Anti-Life Equation's effects. At least a 12th level intellect is required to wield the Equation.

It was long the ultimate object of obsession of Darkseid. He believed that with it, he could level the universe and rebuild it in his image. During the third Apokoliptian invasion of Earth, Lex Luthor convinced Metron to take him to the one thing that could defeat Darkseid, the Anti-Life Equation. Metron teleported them to the Source Wall and Luthor managed to survive entering it. With the Anti-Life Equation secured, he returned to Earth and offered it to Darkseid. In a moment of amazement, Darkseid commented on its beauty and simplicity to which Luthor agreed. Both then disappeared, leaving the Justice League split on what really happened. Darkseid and Luthor became part of the Source Wall, like everyone else who solved the Anti-Life Equation.