Wonderland Gang

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Real Identity: Harriet (March Hare) and Jenna Duffy (Carpenter)
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Mentors Part 1 and Secret Santa
Skills: Armed and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Wonderland Gang consists of criminals based on characters from Alice in Wonderland. The Carpenter also moonlights as a fix-it gal to Gotham City's criminal elite. Mad Hatter and his Wonderland Gang, consisting of The Walrus, The Carpenter, The March Hare, and Tweedledum & Tweedledee, broke into a warehouse to steal new circuitry Hatter needed for his mind control devices. Batman and Robin happened upon intelligence about the heist. Since it was a school night, Batman sent Robin home and he went alone to confront Hatter and the Wonderland Gang.

Red Hood observed from afar. Hatter ordered them to get Batman. Batman kicked Carpenter then backhanded Walrus' face with a crowbar. Batman could imagine Robin using a "Tusk-tusk" pun and figured he would have enjoyed the fight. Batman threw an electric Batarang at March Hare and electrocuted her. Tweedledum and Tweedledee rushed Batman in unison. Batman simply knocked their heads into each other. Mad Hatter attempted to gut Batman with a fork lift but he jumped atop the roof, quoting Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Hatter drove through the wall and plummeted outside.

The Penguin flew to his tropical retreat Key Nest for the holidays and hired the Carpenter to repair the Iceberg Lounge. Carpenter heard Harley Quinn had cash to rent a private club for her Christmas party so she made a side deal to loan the Lounge out as the party venue. Harley and Poison Ivy mostly invited other super criminals to the party, including the rest of the Wonderland Gang. March Hare volunteered as the bartender. After the newly rehabilitated Arnold Wesker arrived, Harley took him over to the bar where Carpenter was. Wesker recalled she did amazing bullet repairs on Scarface. Carpenter told him there was no need to dig up the past. Carpenter got a call from Penguin to check up on her progress. She hammered a wreath to a column but he thought he heard party music. She lied she was playing the jukebox and Penguin realized the Lounge didn't have one. She wished him Merry Christmas and hung up.

Harley Quinn thanked March Hare for tending the bar. Hare told her it was Christmas and everyone needed a tumble down the sink. Baby Doll went to the bar and ordered a Mai Tai and a booster seat. March Hare held the drink up high and asked her for identification. Baby Doll joked she should call her babysitter or her parole officer. Hare gave her the drink and they toasted. Later on, after Knute Brody, secretly Batman in disguise, mentioned he saw the police pulling up about ten minutes ago. Carpenter happened to be on the phone with the Penguin again. She told him it wasn't a raid, just Batman singing Christmas carols with the police.