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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Mentors Part 1, Mentors Part 2, and Red Son Rising Part 3
Skills: Knowledge of Engineering, Marksmanship, and Strategy
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Sunny is the partner of Deathstroke. She went along with him to Gotham City to kill Batman for Lex Luthor then devised a plan to create a situation where he could organically introduce himself to Batman and his allies without drawing any suspicions. She pretended to be a nameless drug dealer offering a cure to Clayface for his condition. Clayface, still desperate for a cure, fell for it and the "antidote" only increased his paranoia and savagery. Sunny anticipated Batman and his allies would no doubt intervene. She was correct. While the battle went on, Sunny stole a Farmer Brown van and timed it to drive by as Deathstroke was saying his goodbyes to Batman. Some time later, after Deathstroke returned to their warehouse hideout, Sunny inquired what Batgirl was like. Deathstroke thought she was headstrong, opinionated, and smart very much like her. Sunny shot a practice dummy then countered she thought not that much. She admitted she couldn't really get a sense of her from the window of a speeding van. Deathstroke promised they would meet soon enough then complimented her Clayface idea. Deathstroke then brought up the mystery man spying on Batman and his team. Sunny asked if he had any clues. Deathstroke had none but was more than willing to kill him, too, if he got too close.

Sunny pretended to be Firefly in an upgraded suit and attacked the Gotham Natural History Museum while Deathstroke reeled Robin in and sowed discontent. Batman made an unintended appearance and decked "Firefly" by using the water from the sprinkler and the flames to create steam and inhibit vision. An explosion was set off and "Firefly" escaped. Sunny got a black eye on her right eye. Deathstroke recalled Johnny Mathis' "When Sunny gets Blue" but she didn't find him funny. She wasn't fond of facing Batman so soon. He stated it was bound to happen and told her to think of it as practice. Lex Luthor made contact and cut to the chase that he wanted Batman dead. Deathstroke promised he would be in 24 hours. Sunny was livid and couldn't believe he chose 24 hours. Deathstroke pointed out the less time Batman had to think, the better it would turn out for them. She went to work and fixed up the Firefly suit for the ambush at the Tri-State Dam.

Batman was already skeptical he was facing Garfield Lynns because he already noticed his movies were different and erratic, his voice lacked Lynns' moody, psychotic edge and he was wearing three inch lifts in his boots when he should be taller than him. Firefly appeared and fired at Batman. Batman jumped off the walkway, turned, and threw a freeze capsule at him. Firefly plummeted and was knocked out on the floor. Batman removed the mask and confirmed his suspicions. He has no idea who Sunny was but estimated she couldn't be over 20 years old. Deathstroke attacked Batman but Batgirl and Robin intervened and he was defeated as well. Wilson used his skills to get an early parole for himself and Sunny. They happened to be out on a freighter and recovered Red Hood after the lair he was using collapsed. When Jason Todd came to, Wilson revealed he started shadowing him after he figured out who was shadowing him. Sunny remarked it looked like he had a rough history with Batman. They left the room to let him rest.