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Real Identity: Captain Carl Finley
Affiliations:: U.S. Army and Special Forces
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Red Son Rising Part 1, Red Son Rising Part 3, and Secret Santa
Skills: Above Average Strength and Invulnerability
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Carl Finley was a young man with a bright future. He attended a preparatory academy, he won a Heisman Trophy, and attended the United States Military Academy West Point. Finley signed up for the U.S. Army, made it to the rank of Captain, and was recruited to Special Forces. He was recruited into an ultimate crime-fighter program, a government program aimed at creating a super-soldier. The chemical enhancements he received made him super strong and nearly indestructible. The Joker heard of the procedure and intervened. Holding the doctors at gunpoint, Joker took over the surgery, working on the man's frontal lobes and planting a homing device in his skull. The doctors were surprised by his acumen. He became completely subservient to the Joker. Joker "liberated" the man and took him in as his right hand man, Straightman.

While based on Amusement Mile, the Joker noticed someone on the Wacky Wheel ferris wheel and notified Straightman of the incursion. Joker joked he was curious why their visitor came in the dead of the night when it was so cold out. While doing a curl rep with a barbell, Straightman asked how cold it was. Joker was amused and poked the back of his head and he explained the visitor was packing heat. Straightman started bashing the base of the ferris wheel with his barbell. After the wheel fell onto the ground, Straightman lifted up one of the passenger cars. Todd shot him several times and it was as if he missed and Straightman was unhurt. He tossed the car and Todd went flying. Joker drove by in a bumper car and tossed a grenade at him. He grabbed the back of Straightman's collar and yanked him along as he drove out of Amusement Mile. Joker quipped it was time to say "Good night, Gracie." Straightman asserted that was his line. Joker was amused and laughed.

The Joker met with Penguin in his office at the Iceberg Lounge. Joker wanted to borrow a couple hundred thousand dollars to go out on the circuit with his goon Straightman. Penguin was suspicious and preferred to see how it played out. Joker summoned Straightman to explain the situation better. Mr. Wing burst into the office and fought Straightman. Straightman clocked Wing under the chin. The fight spilled outside and Wing was knocked out. Joker declared he and Straightman were a classic comedy duo. Red Hood retorted except as always, he was the only one laughing. Joker took offense to being heckled and implored him to step up to the mic. Red Hood darted Joker repeatedly then Straightman. He declared he was breaking up the act. With a running start, Red Hood delivered a jump kick that propelled Straightman onto the top of the iceberg in the center of the lounge. He then threw a grenade that dislodged the big chandelier. It crashed on top of Straightman.

Red Hood collected Joker and told Penguin to tell Batman he came. Straightman homed in on Joker and burst through the floor of the sewer lair Red Hood was using. He grabbed Red Hood by the face and slammed him down on the ground. Joker applauded his perfect timing and picked up a hand gun, intending to kill the Robin of the past and present. He noticed Robin was gone and got hit in the back of the head with a crowbar. Robin tossed it to Batman but it hardly hurt Straightman. Straightman smacked Batman and voiced disappointment after all the hype. Batman dodged his punch. Straightman decided to deliver the pay off rather than Joker and punched again. Batman dodged and the unstable wall gave way. Straightman was knocked out by huge debris and was carried off by the current with Joker and Red Hood. Joker screamed he told him never to ad-lib. Batgirl's two drones failed to locate any of them.

During the holidays, Joker and Straightman hid out at a Ha Ha Hide-Away club. Straightman read one of Joker's punchlines but didn't get it, "Your money or your life" and Joker tells them they're too late and mows them down with an AK-47. Joker was aghast he had to explain comedy but was already beside himself after he hacked Harley's computer only to learn he wasn't invited to a Christmas party. He shot the laptop. He noted even Arnold Wesker was invited. Straightman had no idea who that was. Joker suddenly got an idea and started laughing with glee. The Straightman stormed Arkham Asylum. He bashed a huge steel door off its frame and shrugged off bullets as he took out the security team. He made a beeline to a storage room containing weapons confiscated from costumed criminals. Straightman only stole the Scarface doll then left the asylum. Joker and Straightman crashed the party. After Harley screamed at Joker to leave, Joker claimed he only came bearing naught but goodwill and a present for their gift exchange.

Harley assumed the present was going to blow up. She paused and wished Straightman a Merry Christmas. Straightman wished her a Happy Hanukkah. Knute Brody, really Batman in disguise, claimed he was supposed to be at the Gotham Orphanage but went to the wrong address. Joker had him give out his gift. Knute naturally misread the tag and called out Roxy Rocket. Straightman shoved her aside. Joker tried to give his out himself but Knute agreed to help speed things up and threw out all the presents. Joker was knocked over in the chaos. After the party abruptly ended due to the police, Knute was clubbed on the head from behind by Straightman. Straightman then asked what to do with him. Joker "consulted" Scarface then ordered him to crush Knute's larynx and break both legs. Luckily, the police arrived. Joker and Straightmen fled the scene. Wesker returned home to find Scarface, Joker, and Straightman waiting for him. Scarface felt two-timed and called him pathetic then demanded he lose his sock puppet.

Straightman placed Scarface back with Wesker. Scarface admonished Wesker but was happy to learn Straightman spruced him up with lemon scented furniture polish. Scarface joked he might trade mooks with Joker. He led them to Santa Town, where the rest of the CX explosives were stored in the giant candy canes that adorned the big sign. After laying low for a week, the villains went to the 55th Street Subway Station to plant the explosives and set it to detonate on New Year's. Just as Joker was ready to leave with 5 minutes left, Straightman pointed out Batman and Robin arrived. Robin went to save Wesker from being run over by the holiday express lane while Batman disabled Joker's rail car. He narrowly avoided Straightman's punch then flipped him over the track right on time. He was plowed by the express line.