Sid the Squid

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Real Identity: Sidney DeBree
Appearances (BTAS): The Man Who Killed Batman
Appearances (BTAC):: Red Son Rising Part 2
Skills: None
Voiced By: Matt Frewer

Sidney DeBree was a mild mannered denizen of Gotham City. He fantasized about becoming a gangster and a mob boss, some day. Thanks to some connections, he rode with Eddy G, a drug smuggler for Rupert Thorne. Eddy dubbed him Sid the Squid. He was assigned as look out. When Batman arrived, Sid apparently killed him in a gas explosion. Sid was hailed as a hero. The death of Batman caught the attention of the Joker. Harley Quinn went incognito as a lawyer and bailed Sid out of jail, following a bar fight. The Joker deduced that Sid got lucky and proceeded to kill Sid by sealing him in a coffin and dumping him into a vat of acid at the Ace Chemical Plant. Batman, who survived, was tailing Sid and saved him. Next, Sid went to Rupert Thorne to get a way out of town. However, Sid's story convinced Thorne that he intended to muscle out Thorne and take over his rackets. Batman intervened and saved Sid again. At Stonegate, Sid was still praised for killing Batman and enjoyed his share of respect.

In search of the rogue Robin, Jason Todd, Batman found Sid the Squid and hung him up off the top of a building near 3 in the morning. Sid insisted he had no idea where Robin was. Batman pressed him for anything he heard. Sid recalled Robin could learn some manners. Batman let go of his tie and he swung around. Sid panicked and confessed he heard the Joker was Robin's next target.