Roxy Rocket

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Real Identity: Roxanne Sutton
Appearances (BTAS): The Ultimate Thrill
Appearances (STAS): Knight Time
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Mentors Part 1 and Secret Santa
Skills: Fearlessness, Special Effects and Theft
Voiced By: Charity James

Roxanne Sutton was once a stunt worker. She often outclassed men in her field and eventually became known for her lack of fear. This made Sutton an untouchable and she was soon out of work. She continued to satisfy her daredevil urges and turned to crime. Taking the name, Roxy Rocket, she rode a rocket and committed high flying thefts. To maintain the tool of her trade, Roxy fenced her items to underworld figures such as the Penguin. She soon crossed paths with Batman and saw him as a kindred spirit of sorts and sought to gain the ultimate thrill. Batman survived the chase and Roxy was arrested.

When Batman was temporarily sidelined, Roxy Rocket appeared in Metropolis seeking more thrill. However, she was easily captured by Superman. Afterwards, Superman flew to Gotham and investigated Batman's disappearance with Robin. Batgirl pursued Roxy Rocket in an aerial battle above Midtown Gotham. It ended after Roxy's rocket crashed into a Soder billboard. Batgirl tied her up and left her hanging for the authorities. She whined that rockets cost money, too. Batgirl couldn't care less and checked her hair. Summer Gleeson reported about the skirmish. Roxy attended Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's Christmas party at the Iceberg Lounge. During the festivities, she shared a kiss with Captain Boomerang. Joker plotted to reunite Scarface with Arnold Wesker. Batman infiltrated the party as Gotham's most inept henchman Knute Brody and was tasked with giving away his present. He naturally misread the tag on purpose and called out Roxy Rocket. Straightman shoved her aside. Joker tried to give his out himself but Knute agreed to help speed things up and threw out all the presents.