Red Hood

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Real Identity: Jason Todd
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Hardware, Mentors Part 1, Mentors Part 2, The Darker Knight, Red Son Rising Part 1, Red Son Rising Part 2, and Red Son Rising Part 3
Power/Skills: Strategic Planning, Above Average Physical Attributes, Marksmanship, Unarmed Combat, and Agility
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jason Todd and his older brother, Danny, were orphaned at a young age. Jason, in particular, resented a lot of things. To get some money for them both, Danny Todd joined a gang named The Wolves. As part of the gang's initiation ritual, Danny had to wear a red hood and act as their lookout. He perched atop the emergency stairwell on the side of a building while the gang boosted a store. He alerted them when police arrived but as he made his way down, the stairwell broke and he fell to his death. Jason Todd only wanted revenge and tracked down The Wolves to their watering hole, The Den. He used a hoodie and domino mask to hide his identity and battled at least 12 members of the Wolves, all nearly twice his age. Jason socked Alpha as Batman entered. Jason picked up a dropped handgun but Batman took it away from him before he could use it. He realized Batman was a kindred spirit and an idol to model himself after. Not long after that, Bruce Wayne decided to move Jason Todd to Wayne Manor, perhaps in part to fill the void left by Dick Grayson.

Although Barbara Gordon's presence was sparse at the time, she shared Alfred Pennyworth's opinion that despite Wayne's best intentions, they thought Todd's admittance to the Batcave was premature. Jason Todd's training sessions exhibited his amazing energy and skill levels but also his unfettered ferocity. Although he was the equal of Grayson at his age, Todd showed signs of anger issues. He also looked at the Robin suit daily and obsessively. Pennyworth shared his concern with Batman. Batman assured Pennyworth he had it under control and they already had long discussions on the matter. Jason Todd would become Robin when Batman decided he was ready. That evening, Todd took the suit of its case without permission and joined a surprised Batman in a battle with Firefly. Batman and the new Robin defeated Firefly. However, Batman was infuriated that Todd defiantly broke the rules.

They argued back at the Batcave. Alfred Pennyworth set himself between them and demanded they either come to an understanding or walk away from the life forever. Cooler heads prevailed. Jason Todd stated his case from the heart. He told Batman he wasn't Dick Grayson, he couldn't be and wouldn't be. He swore to honor Batman's trust and asked for a chance. Batman accepted and they shook hands. The new partnership started off promisingly enough. Robin took his cues from Batman when it came to typical criminals. However, whenever a case involved a costumed villain, Robin took an alarming amount of zeal in doling out punishment to them. The more ruthless they were, the more determined Robin was to issue payback in kind. He once ripped Scarface's head off his puppet body. He also used a grapnel line to yank down an emergency stairwell and collapse it on Lock Up.

While Robin was being treated at Dr. Leslie Thompkins's Mercy Gotham Clinic in Crime Alley, she noted he suffered more wounds in two weeks than Dick Grayson did in two years. She voiced her concern. Todd brushed it off as a scratch and sarcastically referred to her as "Mom." Thompkins responded if she was his father, she would have put him to bed two hours ago, with straps if necessary. She applied a bandage roughly to make him squirm. She warned him he was too headstrong and was taking too many chances. Todd assured her he could handle himself and boasted Rupert Thorne just found that out. Thompkins saw no difference with the millions of kids that came through her door and warned him he would meet his match someday and no one would be around to save him. One Halloween night, Scarecrow unleashed an inaudible signal designed to paralyze everyone in Gotham with fear while his henchmen, the Skeleton Crew, looted the city. Scarecrow and several of his men occupied a GNC news studio.

Batman, Batgirl, and Robin wore signal blockers and moved to quietly infiltrate the building. Scarecrow broke a glass window with his sickle and mockingly called out for Gotham to scream for him. Robin could not resist making a sweet entrance and broke away from the silent attack plan. He swung in and kicked Scarecrow. Batgirl chided him. Robin apologized and told her to handle the tech stuff while he and Batman handled the heavy lifting. Batman revealed he and his team were wearing signal blockers. Scarecrow went to his contingency plan and produced a jack-o-lantern filled with Fear Toxin. Robin kicked it out of his hand, mocked him for being stale, and punched him in the face. Even after Scarecrow surrendered, Robin decided to volunteer him in his own experiment. Robin ripped Scarecrow's mask off then punched him out of the building. Batman fired his grapnel gun and snagged Scarecrow's left leg then pulled him back in. Batman admonished Robin but Robin played it off like it was nothing, it would have been one less oddball and a message was sent to the other criminals in the city.

Batman refused to accept the truth and played if off as exposure to Fear Toxin set off an extreme "fight or flight" response. Alfred Pennyworth persisted Jason Todd wasn't ready to be Robin but Batman told him to drop it. Two hours later, Pennyworth presented an analysis of Todd's Robin costume found no trace of the toxin. Batman revealed the conducted the same test an hour ago and got the same result. Jason Todd heard everything and became enraged that no one trusted him from the start. He declared he was leaving and grabbed his Robin suit. Batman tried to go to him but Todd drop kicked him. Batman insisted he had to be sure for all their sakes. Todd told him he wouldn't have to worry anymore then left the Batcave with a Batcycle. Now solo, Robin quickly developed a new public persona. He was no longer the Boy Wonder, he was the Boy Barbarian. He longer held back against criminals and showed no mercy unless it was clear his opponent was in no position to fight back. Even then, he felt compelled to teach his prey a lesson or two.

Robin interrupted a jewelry heist and bashed a man's head into a glass case. Another surrendered but Robin beat him unconscious and left a mocking note that read "A present" and had Batman's insignia on it. He fired a grapnel line through Man Bat's right wing. He kicked the Penguin out of a moving helicopter. He stabbed Clock King in the chest with his own cane. Killer Croc attempted to steal equipment off a battleship docked at Gotham Harbor. Robin swung in and kicked Croc from behind. Croc angrily ripped a turret off but Robin took a gun out of a crate and opened fire. Croc fell into the harbor where the salt water acted as a balm for his wounds. The next night, the police found Croc underwater still alive and hoisted him out in a cage. No one knew Robin was acting on his own so the press hammered away at Batman's reputation and, by implication, Commissioner Gordon's. It became clear Batman had to act or the police would end it on their own. Batman scoured every square foot of Gotham but Robin stayed one step ahead of him.

The Joker and Harley Quinn initiated their plan to capture the second Robin and set off a public break up at Amusement Mile under the guise of celebrating the anniversary of their first heist together. Harley then went about destroying every place the couple ever went to together in hopes of luring Robin out. She was attacked before she would blow up Nate-mans with a crate of dynamite. She swung her mallet and called him a boy scout. Robin was amused by her ignorance and drop kicked her then gave her a backhand. He teased they wanted the same thing, to get rid of the Joker. He demanded his location and he promised her she would only end up in the emergency room. Joker sneaked up on Robin and used his electric joy buzzer. Joker presented a bouquet of flowers to Harley as Robin collapsed. Harley was touched. Joker decided the flowers were more fitting for Robin and threw them on his body as he passed out.

Robin was taken to a warehouse near a lighthouse and tied to a wooden board affixed to a clown themed parade float. Joker claimed he wanted a cheerful environment for their play date. He noted how busy but unhappy Robin had been lately. Robin retorted he would feel better when his hands were around Joker's neck. Joker pointed out his pent-up hostility and concluded he was obviously in need of help. Harley Quinn, wearing a lab coat, announced the doctor was in, insane and bent down to look at Robin. Robin promised her she was dead. She hopped off and concluded he had violent psychotic tendencies due to a history of acting out destructive power fantasies which were no doubt the effect of a very toxic home environment. Joker concurred. Harley thought it was Batman's obsession with building a vigilante dynasty that drove him to make anyone a so-called Robin, even an unhinged maniac like the current one. Joker was in complete agreement with her diagnosis. One of the goons handed Joker a crowbar.

Joker concluded they were faced with a case of self-preservation and cited what Robin did to Penguin, Clock King, and Killer Croc just recently. He proclaimed to have the cure then proceeded to beat and bludgeon Robin to death with his crowbar. Harley eventually interceded. Joker acknowledged he was being selfish and offered her the crowbar. Harley noted roughing up Robin was one thing but killing him was another. Joker was annoyed she thought they were going to let him go after giving Robin a love tap. He pointed out Robin wouldn't stop his reign of terror until every villain was dead so he was practically begging for the beating. She wouldn't comply so Joker ordered her to be removed. Two goons carried her outside. Joker announced Robin as the failed hero who tried to bring down the bad guys, a lame joke that was about to be erased. Batman arrived and objected. Joker tried to get Batman to admit Robin was asking for it. Batman ordered him to get away from Robin. Joker ordered his goons to open fire and assured them the tanks only contained Hydrogen so they wouldn't explode. He had it confused with Helium and they all exploded.

Joker ran for his car but the explosions launched it in the air and it landed on him. Batman freed Robin. Robin pleaded with him to end the Joker for him, for everyone he's hurt, and for everyone he's going to hurt if he lives. Batman told him they can't become what he is. Robin told him he would never become the Joker. He handed Batman the crowbar. To Robin's dismay, Batman used the crowbar to pry the car away from Joker. He tossed the unconscious Joker over his shoulder. Robin pleaded with him not to save Joker and used some tanks to stand up. It would be the last time he saw Robin. Robin was caught up in another explosion and was lost. He grabbed onto a parade balloon and clung to it as it left the city. Batman ran Joker outside then returned and searched the rubble in vain. He dug through the wreckage until his hands bled but only found a piece of Robin's costume.

Batman returned to the warehouse for weeks looking for a clue that would point to Robin's survival. After months of searching, Batman was unable to find his body and accepted the bitter truth that Robin was gone. Jason Todd survived and decided to take a few years off to figure who he really was while he recovered from massive blood loss and physical trauma. He took the victim's shroud of his late brother's Red Hood mask and made it into an executioner's mask. Todd wanted revenge and was intent on paying back everyone on his list.

One night, upon returning to Gotham City four years later, Jason Todd stood under an awning and watched Batman chase after a giant robot. He forgot how fun Gotham could be. As the robot approached WayneTech, he mused things were about to get personal for Batman. Jason Todd spent an hour on a street. He reminisced, thinking that's were "it" all began. He felt a creepy, cold vibe but it felt good to him. A man in an apartment building nearby yelled at Todd and told him it was against the law to loiter. He threatened to call the police. Todd let his temper get to him and he pulled a handgun. He implored the man to start dialing and see how far he got. The man raised his hands and backed off. Todd realized that was stupid of him and he couldn't let morons tick him off since he had bigger fish to fry. He walked away as the Batsignal was projected into the sky.

One night in downtown, Todd walked against the flow of civilians fleeing away from a theater where Batman, Robin, and Batgirl were fighting Clayface. He recalled downtown Gotham always guaranteed a great show even if the movies were bad. He observed a sequel was in progress. He changed his mind and called it a reboot. Todd climbed the fire escape ladder up the side of a building, then walked up the stairs then jumped down to the roof of the theater. He observed the battle from there. A short time later, Todd tailed Batgirl and watched her battle Roxy Rocket in Midtown with a pair of binoculars. Deathstroke approached Batgirl with an offer to join him then noticed Todd and pointed him out. Todd was surprised and bolted roof to roof. He decided to lie low because he worked too hard for his plans to unravel. The next morning, Barbara Gordon told Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, and Alfred Pennyworth about the mystery man. She admitted she barely caught a glimpse of him. Wayne asked if there was anything identifiable about him. Gordon clarified she just saw a shadow. Wayne advised everyone to stay sharp because if he was after them, he would tip his hand eventually.

That night, Todd spied on Batman fighting the Wonderland Gang. Batman noticed the tiniest flicker of light from a old storage building nearby. Not using the roof access door, Todd fled the scene without being seen by Batman. Todd fired an extra thin cable into a building a block away and used his strength to escape. 33 seconds later, Batman arrived at the vantage spot but Todd was long gone. In the aftermath of the fire at the Gotham Natural History Museum, Todd perched on a roof and observed Batman questioning Deathstroke. The next day, Batman analyzed satellite imagery of Todd but it wasn't sufficient enough to identify him. There was enough for Batman to conclude he was an athlete of extraordinary strength. Todd followed Deathstroke back to his hideout and listened in. He was shocked to hear Deathstroke promise Lex Luthor that Batman would be dead in the next 24 hours. He went to the Gotham University Campus Library and managed to slip a note in a Historical Society book about Old Gotham in a chapter about the Tri-State Dam.

Todd slipped out of the library undetected and left no prints on the note. Barbara Gordon, a librarian at the library, found the note and, with Tim Drake, deduced a trap was set for Batman at the Tri-State Dam. Todd perched on a gargoyle statue and grinned in satisfaction. Batman and Batgirl realized their stalker knew everything about them and their opponents. Batman was still curious why he chose a game of cat-and-mouse. Batman briefly suspected Azrael of being the mystery stalker following him the last few weeks but quickly dismissed the theory. Jason Todd observed their alley fight from a roof above them. He thought Azrael was like a panther. Once he fled the scene and plowed through a wooden fence, Todd remarked there was never a dull moment. From a gargoyle near the Iceberg Lounge, Jason Todd watched Batman and Azrael confront Penguin and fight his wing man Mr. Wing. Azrael tossed Penguin off the balcony then left alone. Todd couldn't believe Batman let someone else pull the vanishing act on him. He wanted Batman to pull his head out of his cape so he could see what's coming.

Jason Todd sneaked onto Amusement Mile and hid on a Wacky Wheel Ferris Wheel while he spied on the Joker, who was in the Krazy House's House of Mirrors with his playing cards. Todd admitted to himself it wasn't always easy for him to work with allies and bitter experience taught him to appreciate them while he could. The Joker noticed someone on the Wacky Wheel ferris wheel and notified his goon, Straightman of the incursion. Jason Todd loaded his hand gun and remarked it felt like a lifetime ago, not only four years ago. Joker joked he was curious why their visitor came in the dead of the night when it was so cold out. While doing a curl rep with a barbell, Straightman asked how cold it was. Joker was amused and poked the back of his head and he explained the visitor was packing heat. Todd reminded himself he was only performing reconnaissance to scope out Joker's movements and see if he had any back up. He was relieved Harley Quinn nor Bud and Lou were around and all Joker had was one man.

Jason Todd's thoughts were interrupted when Straightman started bashing the base of the ferris wheel with his barbell. After the wheel fell onto the ground, Straightman lifted up one of the passenger cars. Todd shot him several times and it was as if he missed and Straightman was unhurt. He tossed the car and Todd went flying. Joker drove by in a bumper car and tossed a grenade at him. Jason Todd extricated himself from the debris and fled the scene but Batman recovered his handgun. Batman examined the gun over and over. He kept getting the same result, the prints on the bullets belonged to Jason Todd. Pennyworth couldn't believe it. Batman was certain Jason Todd was the mystery stalker. Pennyworth reminded him Todd was dead and he saw it himself. Tim Drake overheard and demanded to know what was going on. Batman stated he needed to get out to the city and told Pennyworth to tell Drake everything about Jason Todd.

Batman drove to The Den, now long abandoned and boarded up, and found Jason Todd inside at the bar. He teased the "world's greatest detective" took longer to find him than he thought. He mused the bar had more sentimental value than Wayne Manor because it was the first place they met. Batman asked him what happened to him. He replied there wasn't much point to write to him after he was gave him up for dead after that night at the Joker's. Batman stated he searched everywhere for him. He admitted the one useful skill he learned was how to pull a vanishing act and he spent a few years to find himself while he recuperated. Todd revealed his new moniker to Batman, the Red Hood. He mused he would get the Joker soon enough and would take his time with everyone else on his list. Batman apologized about what happened and promised he would do anything to make it right. Batman quoted him, asking for a chance.

Red Hood told him Bruce Wayne believed so much in the people he cared about that he blinded himself to the obvious. In his case, he was flawed from the start. Hood continued and told him he fooled himself into believing he could reach him despite Batman's steel-trap mind. Red Hood declared he was still playing the fool and pointed out the abandoned bar was full of whiskey bottles filled with gasoline. He got out his gun and opened fire, triggering an explosion. Batman leaped out and watched as Red Hood climbed up an escape ladder waving goodbye. Batman realized he wanted revenge, he was going to taunt and wear them down then finish them off when they least expected it unless he killed him first. Jason Todd made his way to Wayne Manor and posed as Batman. He entered the Batcave from the staircase and overheard Alfred Pennyworth and Tim Drake talking. Pennyworth stated Wayne always felt a kinship with those who have suffered tragedy and fought back but both he and Wayne saw Drake had two things Todd never had: integrity and dedication.

"Batman" agreed. He walked down the stairs and explained what happened to Jason Todd was the biggest mistake of his life and he would never let that happen every again. Drake shook Batman's hand then tossed him, already deducing that wasn't the real deal. Jason Todd was surprised and asked what gave it away like the lack of a Batmobile. Drake pointed out Batman never apologized for making a mistake. Pennyworth fired a bola at Todd but he dodged it then retaliated with a Batarang. It hit Pennyworth in the head and knocked him out. Drake charged him. Todd offered a free lesson: anger was a plus in their world but it was also sloppy. Todd clocked him then knocked him out with a kick. He dragged Drake up the stairs with his Robin suit. Red Hood broke into the Gotham Mercy clinic and picked the lock on a unit. Leslie Thompkins heard a noise and turned on the lights. Red Hood sarcastically thanked her for turning on the light so he could read the labels. She recognized his voice as Jason Todd's and relayed Batman told her he was alive then asked him why he was wearing the mask. He called it an old story and mused Batman would tell her it, too.

Thompkins demanded he take the mask off. He grabbed her wrist and warned her he had some work done on his face so he wasn't as pretty anymore. He added he wasn't as patient and shoved her. Thompkins stated she always knew he was wild but she never thought he would become a thief. He countered he would be saving more lives with the medication than she ever would then asked why she cared since she could just call Bruce Wayne for more money. He recalled they had a falling out over him and joked about being so touched. Thompkins pleaded with him to stop and suggested they all sit down and talk. Red Hood stated he was not crazy and she was no psychiatrist then suggested she stick to Band-Aids and Bactine. He teased he had to do something that was a long time coming. As he left, Red Hood advised her to call Wayne Manor and check on Alfred Pennyworth since he didn't leave him in good shape. Red Hood greeted Robin with one of Alfred Pennyworth's rise and shine lines. Water poured onto Robin's face and he woke up confused. He was trapped in an impenetrable glass tank filling up with water in one of Killer Croc's sewer lairs.

Red Hood asked him how many times he heard Pennyworth say it and joked that was half the reason he left. Robin demanded to know what was going on. Red Hood replied he had to be dressed for the big show and taunted without his belt he was powerless and unable to escape. Robin retorted he didn't need it to take him down. Red Hood told him not to bother. Robin asked him what he wanted. Red Hood suggested a breaststroke or anything really to keep him afloat. He departed for the Iceberg Lounge. After Straightman defeated Penguin's henchman Mr. Wing, Joker declared they were a classic comedy duo. Red Hood retorted except as always, he was the only one laughing. Joker took offense to being heckled and implored him to step up to the mic. Red Hood darted Joker repeatedly then Straightman. He declared he was breaking up the act. With a running start, Red Hood delivered a jump kick that propelled Straightman onto the top of the iceberg in the center of the lounge. He then threw a grenade that dislodged the big chandelier. It crashed on top of Straightman.

Red Hood collected Joker and told Penguin to tell Batman he came. Some time later, police arrived. Penguin remarked Batman had an uncanny knack for showing up when he either was not wanted or no longer needed. Batman inquired about Straightman while Batgirl looked around with her flashlight. Penguin was irate about his three million dollar chandelier and vowed to hang Red Hood in its place. Batman noted Red Hood didn't say where he was taking the Joker. Penguin was annoyed and answered he wasn't looking to prolong the visit. Batgirl noticed wet streaks and alerted Batman. She recalled the last time it rained in the city was last week. Penguin recalled he got a clammy smell off Red Hood but dismissed it as bad hygiene. Batman realized Red Hood was using the sewer system to hide the whole time and took over Killer Croc's old lair. They went out the back door. He noticed Batgirl was unconscious atop the Batcycle and found a dart in her back. From a storm drain, Red Hood claimed by tomorrow morning, she would be back to being as obnoxious as ever. He teased if he expected to see a clown then promised he had one in the sewers, too, then darted Batman with his last shot.

Some time later, Batman regained consciousness and awoke to the Joker. Joker feigned relief and yelled at him to get him out. Batman realized he was in the sewer lair. Joker was chained to a pipe and Robin was up to his knees in water in a glass tank filling up. Robin informed them they weren't leaving anytime soon then assured Batman is was okay for the moment. Red Hood added that all depended on Batman. Batman pointed out they were all in danger because the old pipes in the lair could blow any second. Hood was sure everything would hold together enough for them to finish their business. Batman already figured out a way for Robin to escape and told Red Hood he underestimated Robin because he was used to pressure and has been around the block. Robin examined his choice of words and realized what he meant then took his cape off. Hood told Batman he was patient and was a believer in second chances, pointing out he was the second Robin, was better than the first, and was willing to go above and beyond to wipe out scum like the Joker.

Joker picked the locks and freed himself then realized he was the former Robin. Red Hood revealed his escaped certain death by grabbing onto a parade balloon. Joker thought the story was fantastic, surprising Hood. Joker was lying, of course, and excused himself. Red Hood shot his left arm and explained Batman had one chance to fix things: kill the Joker with a crowbar. Batman stated he knew he would not. Hood declared he would watch the third Robin die instead. Batman continued with his mind games and asserted Robin would escape. Hood pointed out the tank was escape-proof. Batman quipped it was for a weak, immature Robin. Joker was shocked. Batman told him to be quiet. Hood didn't believe him and threw a gun to Joker to make it easier. Joker found the self-defense idea zero fun and tossed the gun aside. Hood shot at his shoes and demanded he pick the gun up. Joker told him to wake up because he ran out of threats. He mused Batman would just get another Robin at a bargain rate. Robin bided his time in the tank. It was close to bursting.

Joker goaded Hood to shoot him because Batman would haul him to the police and his unmasking would complicate things even further. Joker called it his final victory and went right up to Hood's gun. He was interrupted by beeping. Straightman homed in on Joker and burst through the floor of the sewer lair Red Hood was using. Joker remembered the homing device in Straightman's skull. Straightman grabbed Red Hood by the face and slammed him down on the ground. Joker applauded his perfect timing and picked up a hand gun, intending to kill the Robin of the past and present. He noticed Robin was gone and got hit in the back of the head with a crowbar. Batman tricked Straightman into causing a cave-in with his punches. The rush of water swept Joker, Straightman, and Red Hood away. Red Hood's jacket hung from the crowbar after it wedged into a wall. Robin climbed the stairs halfway to a manhole cover and fired his grapnel line to Batman. Batman told Hood to hold on. Hood removed his mask and realized Batman never gave up on him.

Batman vowed he never would and implored him to come back with them. Hood pointed out he wouldn't live up to his code because he couldn't change who he was. He pointed out he tried once and this is what happened. Robin told Batman to hurry. Red Hood told Batman he was off the hook and he should go save the Robin who needed him. Hood pulled himself off the crowbar and was carried off by the current. Slade Wilson and Sunny happened to be hiding out on a freighter. They happened to be out of a freighter when Red Hood was ejected into harbor following the collapse of the lair. Once Jason Todd regained consciousness, Wilson explained what happened and revealed he started shadowing him. Sunny remarked it looked like he had a rough history with Batman. Wilson told her that was for later and Todd needed rest. Before they left, Wilson told Todd he was a young man of great potential and he didn't need to look any further if he was searching for a safe home. He remarked a new family appeared when a person needed one most.