Poison Ivy

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Real Identity: Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley
Appearances (BTAS): Pretty Poison, Eternal Youth, Fear of Victory, Dreams in Darkness, Almost Got 'Im, Joker's Wild, Harley and Ivy, Fire from Olympus, House and Garden, Trial, Harley's Holiday, Holiday Knights, Joker's Millions, Chemistry, Girls' Nite Out and Mad Love
Appearances (GG): The Vault, Trick or Treat, More Than One Way, Pave Paradise, The Three Babes, The Gardener's Apprentice, Lady-X, Miss Un-Congeniality, Strategery, Baby Boom, Bat'ing Cleanup, Catsitter, Gotham Noir, Scout's Dishonor, I'm Batgirl, Ms'ing in Action, Gotham in Pink, Hear Me Roar, Gotham in Blue, A Cat in the Hand, Jailhouse Wreck, Honor Among Thieves, No, I'm Batgirl!!!, and Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Appearances (SS): Hard As Nails
Appearances (JL): A Better World Part Two (Alternate Version)
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Secret Santa
Powers/ Skills: Botany, Chemistry, Genetics, Hand to hand fighting and Immunity to all Poisons
Voiced By: Diane Pershing

Pamela Isley graduated from Gotham City University with a Ph.D in Botany and was employed as a research chemist for a cosmetics company. When the ground for Gotham's penitentary was broken, the rare wild thorn rose was rendered extinct. Isley procured the last rose. Isley was strangely obsessed with plant life and decided to get revenge on the people whose acts of deforestation or extinction. For the lack of better terms, Isley became an eco-terrorist.

Five years later, Isley perfected a toxin from the rose and became involved with the penitentary's backer, Harvey Dent. The toxin was delivered via lipstick, and Isley easily seduced Dent. Dent lapsed into shock, Batman confronted Isley who called herself Poison Ivy. Batman soon discovered she was experimenting oon all plant life and making them partially sentient and obedient. Batman manipulated a fire and gutted Ivy's greenhouse. In exchange for the antidote, Batman returned the rose to Ivy. Dent was saved from the toxin.

Ivy soon resurfaced and started a dummy corporation dubbed Eternal Youth Spa. Ivy began to invite corporate heads that were involved in crimes against plant life. She supplied the people with special food and supplies that were caked with a chlorophyll enzyme, designed to affect the human cell membrane. The victim's exoskeleton would be transformed into tree bark and render them as immobile trophies. Several months of spraying would make the condition irreversable. Alfred Pennyworth and Maggie Page went in place of Bruce Wayne. After Pennyworth began displaying erratic behavior, Batman conducted tests on goods brought back by him. He went to the Spa and confronted Ivy. Using the growth enzyme, Batman leveled the surrounding area nad defeated Ivy. Her victims were all restored to normal.

Ivy, despite denouncing humanity, formed a unique friendship with a fellow female psychopath, Harley Quinn. The two met at a museum robbery attempting to steal different items. Partners in crime, they went on a spree that rocked Gotham City. Ivy attempted to sway and liberate Quinn from the influence of the Joker, whom she openly despised. But it was a matter of time before Quinn was drawn back to him. Joker tracked the two to their hideout at Toxic Acres, eager to take all of their gains. Batman escaped his restraints and incapacitated the Joker. Ivy and Quinn attempted to escape but their car was shot down by police officer, Renee Montoya.

While serving time at Arkham Asylum, Ivy facilitated her clearance by seducing one of the Asylum's psychiatrists, Dr. Carlyle. Because of her experimenting, Ivy could no longer get pregnant and have children of her own. Ivy locked Carlyle away and used his DNA to create a slew of human-plant hybrids. Ivy got her family. However, the hybrids could only live a short life span before turning into monsters and disintegrating. Ivy sent out the monsters to kidnap the offspring of the wealthy and hold them ransom. Batman and Robin were almost convinced that Ivy was innocent until they discovered a secret lab underneath the family greenhouse. Batman rigged the sprinkler system with weed killer and destroyed all the hybrids. Ivy got away.

Over the next few years, Ivy further experimented on herself and took on a plant pigmentation by replacing her blood with chlorophyll. She could now exact further control of her creations. Together with Harley Quinn, over the Christmas holiday, Ivy devised a plan to use hypnotic lipstick on Bruce Wayne and go on a shopping spree. After the application wore off, Wayne conviently slipped off an elevator shaft. Batman trailed the two and defeated them by landing a gigantic Christmas tree display on top of them as they escaped.

Ivy also perfected her hybrids. After coating them in pheromones, she sent out her creations to romance all of Gotham's wealthy. She would then ambush their joint cruise in unprotected waters. Armed with trichloroethane, Batman, Batgirl and Robin destroyed the hybrids. Ivy seemingly perished but survived.

Ivy continued to pair up with Harley Quinn and tried to replenish her funding. At the same time, Livewire was being transferred to GothCorp Labs to have her condition reversed but she reactivated her powers and escaped. She then teamed up with Ivy and Quinn. With Batman out of town, Batgirl was outnumbered and outpowered. Relief came in the form of Supergirl. The two learned of Ivy's latest hideouts from the Penguin after his Iceberg Lounge was trashed by the three. They were outsmarted when Livewire's electricity was used to ignite Ivy's plant monsters and in the process, Ivy activated her compound's water system and took out Livewire, instead.

During the holidays, after another break out, Harley and Ivy stuck together. Harley soon got bored and shot ornaments off her fake Christmas Tree. After the sixth successful shot in a row, Ivy asked if she was watching "Thin Man" again. Harley clarified it was the 50's movie "Annie Get Your Gun" and mused Betty Hutton would be perfect to play her on screen. Ivy informed her she was a little too late with that casting. Harley declared she was bored. She wanted to go out, see people, and shop. Ivy reminded her they tried that already and ended up back in Arkham thanks to Batman. Harley promised this year would be different and she wanted to spread some cheer and throw a little get together. Ivy stressed no parties. Harley insisted they would invite their friends. Ivy didn't understand at first but deduced she meant the other costumed criminals. She still said no to the idea. Harley begged and promised their would be chocolate Santas, razzleberry punch, and peppermint bark. Ivy told her to zip it.

Harley bemoaned it felt like they traded one prison for another but with more humidity and even Joker would throw a party, even though he'd likely try to kill everyone. Ivy relented. Harley jumped into her arms. Ivy dropped her and stated two conditions: the party had to be held somewhere else and no ex-boyfriends were invited. Harley promised and reminded her she and Joker were still broken up. She looked out the window and saw the Gotham Plaza Christmas Tree was just lit and took it as a sign they were meant to throw the party. She brandished a mistletoe and kissed Ivy to her chagrin. The party was held at the Iceberg Lounge. Ivy invited the one other human she liked, Eileen Kwan. Kwan ran the nursery where Ivy bought plant food from. Ivy perked up and admitted to Harley she was right about the party, Harley gave everyone a place to be. Things took a turn when Joker crashed the party. After it was revealed the police were coming, Ivy left with Kwan in tow.

On New Year's Eve, at 9 pm, Harley returned to the hideout with the food and drinks they needed to celebrate with. She found Ivy tied up and Batman and Robin waiting. Ivy declared the party was stupid. Batman demanded the Joker's location but Harley insisted they were still broken up and she wanted nothing to do with him. Robin persisted she had to know something. Harley declared he could sink in quicksand, fall in a tar pit, or rot in his Ha-Ha Hideaway. She stopped herself but Ivy quipped that was fast even for her.

In the aftermath of the surge of metahumans in Detroit's Dakota City, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn tried to capitalize on the situation. They posted online websites claiming to have a cure to metahuman transformation. Ivy operated under the name of Ceres, after the Roman goddess of the harvest. The dummy sites managed to fool Allie Langford and convinced her to travel to Gotham City. Static, Dakota's protector, followed. Instead, Langford ran away with Ivy and Quinn. Together with Batman, Static recovered from Ivy's onslaught, a gas that formed tree trunks around its victims, and tracked them to a federal gold transport robbery in progress. Langford realized they never had a cure in the first place and helped stop the two.

The Poison Ivy of a parallel universe inhabited by the Justice Lords suffered a different fate. In the wake of the Lords' takeover and authoritative rule, their Superman lobotomized every super villain and made them completely harmless. Ivy was designated as Arkham Asylum's resident gardener. While pruing roses, Ivy encountered the Justice League's Flash, whom she warned of the Justice Lords' Superman. The other Poison Ivy's fate is unknown.