Mr. Wing

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BTAC Comics): The Darker Knight, Red Son Rising Part 3, and Secret Santa
Power/Skills: Above Average Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The criminal genetics expert Emile Dorian hatched a bird humanoid later named Mr. Wing. He later became a new wingman of the Penguin. He resembles a giant white humanoid bird. After Azrael got aggressive with his questioning, Penguin summoned Mr. Wing to kill him and Batman. Mr. Wing couldn't believe he got to ice Batman and some other loser on his first week of work. He told Penguin he had a bonus coming. Penguin ordered him to just finish them off. Batman gave the code "Sword of Salvation" and in unison, he and Azrael kicked Mr. Wing in the gut. He dropped them. Batman teased Azrael he had to skip evening prayers now and then to learn that move. Azrael chased after Penguin to the balcony. Wing lunged at Batman but he warned the goon Penguin was notoriously cheap and didn't reward failure. Batman tossed Wing on to the bar then mused he might kick in for his medical bills.

The Joker met with Penguin in his office at the Iceberg Lounge. Joker wanted to borrow a couple hundred thousand dollars but Penguin wasn't buying his act and knew someone was after him. He preferred to see how it played out. Joker summoned Straightman to explain the situation better. Mr. Wing burst into the office and fought Straightman. Straightman clocked Wing under the chin. The fight spilled outside and Wing was knocked out. For the Christmas holidays, Mr. Wing accompanied Penguin to his Key Nest retreat in the tropics. Wing found it very swank. Penguin recalled he used it after getting facial surgery following an encounter with the second Robin. Wing looked on the bright side and pointed out the "upgrades" were awesome.