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Alfred Pennyworth

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Real Identity: Alfred Pennyworth
Powers/Skills: Combat Medicine
Voiced By: Robin Atkin Downes

Alfred Pennyworth is the loyal butler to the Wayne Family in Gotham City. After Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Martha Wayne were murdered, Pennyworth raised their son Bruce Wayne alone and agreed to aid him in his lefe long quest. Pennyworth's training in combat medicine came, war, as well as his quick have proven useful to balancing out Batman's brooding.

When Batman returned from a Justice League mission, Pennyworth convinced Batman to take time off to eat, get some sleep, and allow him to bandage his wounds from fighting the Royal Flush Gang. Some time later, he delivered the grim news that Thomas and Martha Wayne's caskets were stolen. Hours later, he informed Batman that Superman was shot with a Kryptonite bullet. Upon realizing his contingency plans were stolen, Batman had Pennyworth prepare the Batwing for launch. Pennyworth later watched as Vandal Savage's solar flare passed through an intangible Earth.