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Jimmy Olsen

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Real Identity: James Bartholomew "Jimmy" Olsen
Powers/Skills: Photography
Voiced By: David Kaufman

Jimmy Olsen started at the Daily Planet as a mere photographer. He began working alongside his two favorite co-workers, Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Despite Lane's reputation as a daredevil reporter, Olsen was the only photographer that continued to work with her. Like clockwork, Superman began to save Olsen from a range of embarrassing to life threatening events. Eventually, he invented a signal watch to help alert Superman and get himself out of a bind. Olsen prided himself as "Superman's best friend."

As part of Vandal Savage's fullproof plan to eliminate the Justice League, Metallo posed as Henry Ackerdson, a recently fired White House correspondent, and threatened to leap off the top of the Daily Planet. From the streets, Lois Lane grabbed Olsen's camera and zoomed in on the would be jumper. Olsen and the crowd watched in horror as Superman was shot with a Kryptonite bullet and he plummeted to the streets. Some time later, Olsen and the rest of the world watched as a solar flare passed through the planet.