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Lois Lane

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Real Identity: Lois Joanne Lane
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Grey DeLisle

Lois Lane is an extroverted award winning journalist working for the Daily Planet newspaper in Metropolis. She is more infamous for her reckless nature; covering war zones, natural disasters, and anything else. Lane was less than excited when a new rival named Clark Kent began working alongside her but fell in love with the city's new protector, Superman. She spent years trying to prove Kent and Superman were the same man but when her investigations turned up nothing, she gave up the theory. Besides being Superman's romantic interest, she often serves as his moral compass and advises him to do the right thing. Eventually, Lane learned the truth and remained by his side ever since.

As part of Vandal Savage's fullproof plan to eliminate the Justice League, Metallo posed as Henry Ackerdson, a recently fired White House correspondent, and threatened to leap off the top of the Daily Planet. From the streets, Lane called Kent for help. She watched in horror as Superman was shot with a Kryptonite bullet. Conventional medical tools and techniques failed to pierce Superman's skin to remove the bullet. With time running out, Batman and Green Lantern arrived on scene. Batman advised Cyborg to filter his blaster through it to use as a surgical cutter. Cyborg was unsure of this prospect but agreed to it after Lane pleaded with him. Some time later, she and the rest of the world watched as a solar flare passed through the planet.