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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Powers/Skills: Radioactivity and Photosynthetic Interference
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Kryptonite are meteorites that were once part of the planet Krypton before its demise. After the planet's unstable core could no longer handle a growing radiation, it exploded. Several shards of the planet were caught in the acceleration of one lifeboat that escaped to Earth. It was studied and concluded to be a transuranic element with an atomic number of 126. Chemically it is found to contain 10.62% Dialium, 3.94% Mercury, 15.08% Plutonium, 24.02% Promethium, 18.06% Tantalum, 27.71% Xenon, and 0.57% of a previously unknown element.

Decades later, it is discovered this element can be used against Superman. Superman's Kryptonian physiology absorbs yellow sun electromagnetic radiation and gifts him with the range of super powers. The Green Kryptonite emits its own radioactivity that interferes with Superman's solar absorption and painfully forces the energy out of him. As a result, Green Kryptonite causes extreme pain, loss of powers and even death with prolonged exposure. The object is used by several of Superman's enemies. Metallo uses a chunk as a power source and Batman keeps some as part of his contingency plan against Superman.

In Vandal Savage's modified version of the plan, Metallo lured Superman to point blank range by posing as a suicidal recently fired Daily Planet journalist, Henry Ackerdson. He fired a gun containing a Kryptonite bullet and hit Superman in his chest. Superman fell to the street below and standard medical tools couldn't pierce Superman's skin. While the Flash waited for S.T.A.R. Labs Tokyo to forge a Kryptonite scalpel, Batman alternatively gave a piece of Kryptonite to Cyborg. Batman instructed Cyborg to use it like a lens, narrow his blaster to a minimum, and filter through the Kryptonite, creating an ad hoc surgical cutter. Cyborg agreed to try and it was success. Martian Manhunter was able to extract the bullet and Superman healed in seconds.