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Green Lantern

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Real Identity: Harold "Hal" Jordan
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Powers/Skills: Energy Construct Generation, Flight, and Piloting
Voiced By: Nathan Fillion

Hal Jordan followed in the footsteps of his father, Martin "The Flying Martini" Jordan and became a test pilot. Jordan was employed by Ferris Aircraft and soon fell in love with his boss, Carol Ferris. Soon after, the Green Lantern known as Abin Sur crash landed on Earth with mortal wounds. Sur commanded his green Power Ring to seek out a man honest and fearless enough to succeed him. The ring found two candidates, Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan. Since Hal Jordan was closer in proximity, he was chosen. Jordan became the primary Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 and quickly earned the friendship and admiration of his peers in the corps. He went onto become a founding father of the Justice League.

Following the apprehension of the Royal Flush Gang, Green Lantern responded to a summons by the FBI to aid in dealing with a hostage situation in a salt mine. Special Agent Porter and his partner informed Green Lantern of the Identity Brotherhood holed up inside. Instead of using subtle means, Green Lantern announced himself and charged inside. It turned out Star Sapphire fabricated the whole situation and pumped the mine full of synthesized Fear Gas then populated it with sophisticated androids. The whole scenario was designed to fail and thus, Green Lantern would succomb to fear and lose his willpower. The plan worked and Green Lantern shed his Power Ring as he mourned the loss of the hostages, especially one that purposefully resembled Carol Ferris. Batman found Green Lantern and revealed the ruse. Back to normal, he flew Batman to Metropolis to save Superman. Amid the revelation the plans were originally of Batman's design, Green Lantern was not against the existence of the contingency plans.