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Real Identity: Bartholomew "Barry" Allen
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed, Intangibility, and Forensic Science
Voiced By: Michael Rosenbaum

Barry Allen is a forensic scientist working for the Central City Police Department. He developed a love-hate relationship with the police for his slow and methodical process. One night, a stray lightning bolt hit Allen, who was doused in several chemicals. He discovered he gained super speed like his idol, the Flash. Inspired by Jay Garrick, he became the new Flash. After adjusting the best that he could to his powers, Allen crafted a normal-looking ring that housed his costume. Over time, the Flash amassed a Rogue's Gallery to rival Batman's composed of the likes of Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Weather Wizard, Heat Wave, and Captain Cold. He later helped found the Justice League.

Mirror Master used modified contingency plans to lure Flash to an irresistable challenge aboard a maglev train coming to Central City from Keystone. While Flash tried to save a woman's life, a Wrist Bomb was attached to one of his wrists. In an attempt to prolong the explosion, Flash was forced to keep running without letting up. Eventually, Batman hailed him and advised him to vibrate through an iceberg. The bomb was dislodged into the iceberg and Flash was able to run clear enough of the blast radius. In the rematch with Mirror Master, Flash was forced to combat an army of hologram clones. In speaking in jest, Flash punched him out.