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Real Identity: Victor Stone
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Powers/Skills: Cybernetic Enhancement, Various Integrated Weapons, and Genius
Voiced By: Bumper Robinson

Victor Stone was the son of two S.T.A.R. Labs scientists, Drs. Silas and Elinore Stone, who researched multi-dimensional interface. However, an experiment went wrong and Victor Stone was horribly mutilated. Dr. Stone saved his son's life with an experimental prostheses, replacing most of his body with metallic limbs and implants. Eventually, Stone accepted his new life and made several modifications. As Cyborg, he became the world's expert on multi-dimensional interface with the passing of Dr. Stone.

Batman took notice of Stone and recruited him to help consult on an ongoing Justice League case, to capture the Royal Flush Gang. Based on what intelligence gathered, Cyborg formed a theory the gang was using extradimensional technology. The theory was confirmed when the gang's Dimensional Displacement Generator was found. Cyborg downloaded 16 Petabytes of data from the generator's hard drive and began a lengthy analysis. Some time later, Cyborg arrived at an active crime scene where Wonder Woman was attacking everyone. Cyborg quickly screened her remotely and saw her vital statistics were off the charts and in a delusional state. Cyborg attempted to broadcast a frequency to neutralize nanomachines attached to her brainstem but was attacked and had one of his arms ripped off. Cyborg recovered and destroyed the nanomachines in time. Once Cyborg welded his arm back on, he and Wonder Woman set off to save Martian Manhunter.

The three heroes then flew to Metropolis to help save Superman. With time running out on Superman and the Flash nowhere in sight with a newly forged Kryptonite scalpel, Batman gave Cyborg a piece of Kryptonite. Batman instructed Cyborg to use it as a lens, narrow his blaster to a minimum, and filter through it, creating an ad hoc surgical cutter. Cyborg was hesitant at first but Lois Lane pleaded with him to try. Cyborg agreed and made a successful cut. Martian Manhunter then extracted the Kryptonite bullet and Superman came to. The Justice League regrouped and took Cyborg with them to confront the Legion of Doom. Cyborg reached the launch room and cancelled the launch sequence. However, he was ambushed by Vandal Savage and stabbed from behind. Cyborg recovered and knocked him out, with Wonder Woman's help. Unable to prevent the launch, Cyborg helped come up with a plan to save the planet by hooking up the Hall of Doom with the Watchtower and temporarily turning the planet intangible. In the aftermath, all Justice Leaguers voted to induct Cyborg onto the team.