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February 28, 2012
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Vandal Savage

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Real Identity: Vandar Adg II
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Powers/Skills: Immortality, Enhanced Physical Attributes, Genius, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Phil Morris

80,000 years ago, on the island now known as Sumatra, a meteor fell to a valley. All but one caveman were frightened by it. He discovered its warmth and slept next to it and unknowingly bathed in its radiation. The radiation mutated and evolved him. He gained increased intelligence and the power to live forever. 5000 years later, a volcanic disaster nearly killed off humans. Vandar enslaved the survivors and ruled with an iron fist. They repopulated and humanity continued on. Over the eons, Vandar renamed himself Vandal Savage and lived many lives - a laborer, a scientist, a priest, an artist, a healer, a thief, and most often as a conqueror. Savage spent 50,000 years gathering immense knowledge and wealth.

Savage anonymously gifted the Royal Flush Gang with a Dimensional Displacement Generator as a test run for his ultimate plan. He found out Batman was Bruce Wayne and recruited Mirror Master to steal Batman's contingency files against the Justice League. Savage spent a lot of money to purchase a Luthor Corp Key Generator from LexCorp to hack Batman's Batcomputer. Once he had the files and modified the plans to kill, Savage sent out $10 million invitations to Bane, Star Sapphire, Metallo, Ma'alefa'ak, and Cheetah. They all arrived at his Hall of Doom in Louisiana and accepted his $100 million bounty to kill the members of the Justice League. Once the League was destroyed Savage planned to launch a rocket into the Sun. The resulting solar flare would travel along the magnetic trail left by the rocket and propogate at light speed. In eight and a half minutes, the flare would destroy the sunward facing side of Earth. The resulting electromagnetic pulse would then take out all technology and further cripple humanity.

The Hall of Doom would be protected by the same extradimensional technology as the Dimensional Displacement Generator. Once the disaster passed, Savage would enslave mankind under his leadership and save it from its pride and belligerence. The Legion of Doom would be his warlords and rule over what was left. Savage failed to anticipate Batman's decrypted files would broadcast a signal. The Justice League arrived at the Hall of Doom to stop the Legion. Cyborg worked to turn off the rocket countdown but was stabbed in the back by Savage. Savage then initiated the manual launch and the rocket set off for the Sun. Wonder Woman came to Cyborg's aid and lassoed Savage. Cyborg then knocked him out. Savage refused to tell Batman how to avert disaster. Luckily, Cyborg already figured it out and the Justice League saved the world again. Savage stood before the World Court and was found guilty for crimes against humanity. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.