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Mirror Master

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Real Identity: Samuel Scudder
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Powers/Skills: Mirror Manipulation and Engineering
Voiced By: Alexis Denisof

While passing time in a Central City Prison workshop, Sam Scudder discovered how to create realistic holograms with mirrors. Scudder made a daring jail break. After mastering all types of reflective properties and creating various devices, Scudder became a costumed criminal called the Mirror Master. He became a constant enemy of the Flash.

Mirror Master was later recruited by Vandal Savage to help steal Batman's secret contingency files. One of his hologram clones was dispatched from the rear view mirror of the Batmobile to quickly infiltrate the Batcave and leave before detection. As part of his plan to kill Flash, Mirror Master robbed the new maglev train coming to Central City from Keystone. Soon enough, Flash arrived and Mirror Master presented a new challenge: a Hostage Box. A hostage was trapped inside and would be killed when the countdown ended. Flash raced to save her but was bolted to a Wrist Bomb. With little choice, Flash ran off after Mirror Master's hologram vanished. In the rematch, Flash and Mirror Master fought in the swamps surrounding the Hall of Doom. Flash destroyed all of his holograms then punched him out.