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February 28, 2012
Justice League: Doom releases

October 14, 2011
First Look
New York
Comic Con
3-4 pm

Legion of Doom

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Legion of Doom began simply as supervillains Vandal Savage hired to kill the members of the Justice League. Savage recruited Mirror Master first and had him infiltrate the Batcave in order to steal Batman's contingency files against the League. Once Savage modified the plans to kill instead of neutralize, he paid Bane, Star Sapphire, Metallo, Ma'alefa'ak, and Cheetah $10 million and gave them a device that would lead them to him. The five all appeared in Louisiana and heard Savage's proposal. For each Justice League member killed, Savage would pay $100 million plus cover expenses.

The six accepted and each took their shot at their arch rivals. A celebration followed in the Hall of Doom. Ma'alefa'ak pressed on to learn about Savage's true plan. After Savage revealed his origins and plan to take over the world, he offered them all to join him as his warlords. If they accepted, they would have dominion over what was left. However, the Justice League survived the attacks on their lives, defeated the Legion, and saved the world again.





Mirror Master

Vandal Savage

Star Sapphire