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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Royal Flush Gang
Powers/Skills: Leadership and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Jim Meskimen

King is the leader of the Royal Flush Gang. He is armed with a handheld plasma generator fashioned as a sceptre. When activated, the sceptre can generate an extreme electric shock in close range. As leader, King prefers to stick to plan and to act fast mostly to avoid capture by any superheroes.

During a diamond theft, King reminded the team to stay away from industry grade diamonds in favor of gem grade. However, the Justice League intervened again. King managed to avoid capture by Martian Manhunter and escaped. Upon exiting, he was knocked out by Cyborg. Green Lantern revived him for interrogation. King demanded a lawyer but it didn't matter as even he didn't know where the gang got a Dimensional Displacement Generator from.