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Yellow Lantern Ring

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Ringer
Powers/Skills: Hard Light Construct and Fear Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Yellow Lantern Rings are powerful weapons employed first by Sinestro then members of his Sinestro Corps. The ring can generate hard light constructs of anything its user can imagine. The Yellow Lantern Ring is unique in that it is fueled by inner fears and nightmares of those around it. If someone gets close enough to the ring, it can play on their fears and subject them to life-like hallucinations. Despotellis gave Sinestro's ring an unlimited charge with its own Lantern Battery. The Atom agreed to investigate why Sinestro was stronger than usual and had Green Lantern fire him towards the ring with a giant crossbow construct. He immediately fell prey to the ring and found himself in his underwear at a Justice League press conference then chased by Old Man Miller's dog, Puddles, on the Palmer family farm then uncontrollably shrinking to a new subatomic level. Green Lantern retained contact over comms and advised him to calm down and relax. Atom had difficulty in accepting it wasn't real at first then calmed himself down.

Atom walked around the ring's terrain and noticed a Yellow Lantern Power Battery and realized why Sinestro had unlimited power. Despotellis detected Atom and attacked him. Atom defeated Despotellis by altering its chemical makeup. Without it to operate the battery, Sinestro's ring went offline and his construct dissipated. Green Lantern dispatched him with a speeding train construct.