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Wonder Woman's Spacecraft

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Galaxy Jest, Rage of the Red Lanterns, and The Trouble with Truth
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

During the final hour of the Gutbuster case, Superman and Wonder Woman left for space to find the Joker - the only person who knew where the explosive was. Wonder Woman departed in a spacecraft while Superman flew on his own. Wonder Woman was tasked with securing the perimeter and trading blasts with Mongul's cruiser's defenses. She landed the craft in the cruiser's docking bay and encountered several of Mongul's warriors. The Joker sneaked aboard and tried to figure out the controls but Wonder Woman returned and lassoed him in the head. They returned to Earth where Wonder Woman turned Joker over to the Gotham City Police Department. After Lobo was defeated by Batman and Dex-Starr, he was loaded aboard Wonder Woman's ship to be taken to the Justice League's prison at the edge of the galaxy.

Batman piloted the craft to Metropolis' docks after they pinpointed a large radioactive signature in a race to find H.I.V.E.'s Cobalt Fusion Bomb. Athena accompanied them on what would be Wonder Woman's final mission before she became the goddess of truth. Athena started to irritate Batman by questioning his piloting skills. Batman considered hitting the eject button but suggested she fly alongside them to free up space. She revealed she couldn't fly like certain super heroes. As they approached the docks, the H.I.V.E. Master came up on their comms and declared they would not live to see the base. Their defenses opened fire on the craft. Batman activated the craft's laser cannons and fired at a cluster of missiles. One managed to hit the craft's rear. Blasters nailed the left wing next. Batman ejected everyone. Wonder Woman quickly scrambled to the docks and veered the craft away from dock workers unaware of what was going on.