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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Cube Root and The Brain Buster
Powers/Skills: Levitation, Computer Functions, Detonation, Shape Shifting, and Projection
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The T-Sphere is an invention of Michael Holt when he was in college and 14 years old. With the appearance of a floating sphere with a "T" insignia, they serve as electronic accessories that perform any function from projecting holograms, recording, or linking to computers. They are programmed to hack anything. It can also be used as a blunt weapon, fire lasers, as an explosive, or shape shift. Mr. Terrific's mask is one of his T-Spheres. After joining the New Metropolis University faculty, the new Mr. Terrific Research Center was chosen to be the new home of the T-Spheres. The Calculator attended the dedication ceremony and hacked into one of the spheres. Soon, all of the spheres were under his control. They opened fire on Terrific and blasted the Research Center then burrowed in. Debris began to rain down on the crowd. Firestorm intervened and was blasted at. The spheres gathered and lifted Calculator into the air. Firestorm tried to follow but a few broke off and destroyed a section of building just as he approached. Firestorm fell to the streets.

Calculator cloaked the T-Spheres to prevent conventional means of tracking, even with technology present at S.T.A.R. Labs. He connected several to Metropolis' power grid and triggered a city-wide blackout. Calculator planned to send the spheres into any bank and government installation and take whatever he wanted. Several spheres found Terrific and Firestorm at the power grid. A projection of Calculator taunted them. Much to everyone's surprise, several T-Spheres treated Firestorm as another system to deprogram and split his molecular matrix back to Ronnie Raymond and Professor Stein. They tried to reunite but the spheres grabbed Raymond and flew him back to Calculator's base. Stein used his S-Cubes to trace the T-Spheres' tachyon emissions to the base. Mr. Terrific used several S-Cubes to distract the spheres while Stein proceeded into the base. Using the cubes and his physical prowess, Terrific tricked the spheres into firing on each other. Terrific then disguised one cube as a sphere and joined Stein.

Terrific pretended to be pursued by the fake T-Sphere until he was "cornered". Calculator was befuddled he couldn't command it to fire on Terrific. The ruse was revealed and Terrific threw the cube at Calculator. Raymond and Stein reunited and became Firestorm once more and transmutated the T-Spheres that held Raymond. Mr. Terrific severed Calculator's control on the spheres and invited Stein to help him change their programming so they couldn't be hacked again. Stein acknowledged the schematic of the T-Spheres were completely original but Firestorm simply belayed to Terrific that Stein was sorry about being a bonehead. During the first round of Mr. Mind's Brain Games, Terrific decided to use the "Yeehaw Strategy" and asked a T-Sphere what the relative gravity of the planet was. It projected an analysis. Near the finish line of the race track, three T-Spheres combined and formed a ramp. Terrific drove over it and landed in front of Lex Luthor then crossed first.

In the second round of the Brain Games, Terrific came up with a plan and had his four spheres fire on the visage of their kidnapper. He was disqualified and teleported into an energy cube. While the four T-Spheres lay below, Terrific commanded his mask to turn back into a sphere and start hacking. While Mr. Mind was distracted with stealing Lex Luthor's body, Terrific freed himself and Batman. He sent the T-Sphere to disrupt the mind transfer into Luthor then he trapped Mr. Mind in a spherical construct.