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Trick Umbrella

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: E. Nigma, Consulting Detective
Appearances (Webisodes): Super Stakeout
Powers/Skills: Concealed Weaponry
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Penguin's trademark umbrella conceals his own array of weapons rather than outright using something like a Tommy gun. The Joker hid one of his clues in his revenge plot against Riddler in Penguin's umbrella. Riddler, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman sneaked into the Iceberg Lounge but were found out. Penguin fired his umbrella at them but Wonder Woman deflected the bullets at the stairwell. Penguin was startled and fell over. After he composed himself, Penguin shot up the ceiling and the ice fell down onto the battle below. Penguin aimed at Riddler but he was empty. He tossed it in anger. Riddler picked up the umbrella while Wonder Woman handled Penguin. Riddler clued in Green Arrow and opened the umbrella. Joker's clue was pasted inside. The first line was a photo of popcorn, a minus sign, and corn. The second line was a tart, a minus sign, and tea. Green Arrow recalled there was a huge pop art exhibit at the Gotham City Institute of the Arts. During a stakeout, Plastic Man was forced to reveal himself to the Penguin and his henchmen. Penguin's umbrella fired laser blasts but Plastic Man was able to dodge them.