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Toyman's Toys

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Play Date
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The supervillain Toyman is known for constructing seemingly cute and playful toys that use and conceal deadly weapons from dinosaurs to UFOs to tanks and jets to rabbits and mushrooms. Toyman and his army of toys broke into the Watchtower, headquarters of the Justice League, while Cyborg was distracted with an online session of "Blvd Brawlers," a popular fighting video game. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman responded and fought off the various toys. Superman found Cyborg late into the skirmish after an avian robot punched him through a ceiling. Cyborg blew up a giant clown as it descended on Batman and Wonder Woman. Cyborg picked up a damaged chibi doll of Batman and attempted to interface with it in order to identify the perpetrator but Superman already knew it was Toyman. Toyman appeared and neutralized them. The remaining toys watched as Toyman forced the heroes to fight each other in his own verison of "Blvd Brawlers."

Cyborg challenged Toyman and secretly tried to get the chibi Batman over to Toyman's console. To his annoyance, the toys cheered for Cyborg after he won the first match. While Toyman was focused on the second match, the chibi Batman walked over to his console and patched in after it waived at the avian robot. It eventually overrode his controls and freed Cyborg, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The avian robot picked up Toyman by his shorts before he could get away.