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Superman Robots

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Battle for the Bottled City
Powers/Skills: Flight and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Jason J Lewis

Superman built several robots modeled after his own appearance to help with maintaining and guarding his Fortress of Solitude. Brainiac located the Fortress just as Superman Robot 03 was departing to go on patrol. He dispatched B-3 to take it down, thinking it was Superman. B-3 spun at high speed and whipped its tendrils, slicing the Superman Robot into pieces. Brainiac took the top half back to the front doors and tricked the scanner into allowing him inside. The intrusion was eventually detected and three Superman Robots were sent to stop him. B-3 easily punctured the chest of the first and detonated it then bashed the other two into each other. Brainiac soon found the Atom and Cyborg with the Bottled City of Kandor. The Superman Robot with them charged but Brainiac fired a purple beam from his hand and neutralized it. With Superman stuck inside the bottle and Cyborg forced to reboot, Atom improvised and manually operated the downed Superman Robot. He caught up to Brainiac's tank and ripped the cannon off it.

B-3 attacked and shoved the robot but Atom yanked its wires and used B-3 to flip the tank. Atom demanded Kandor again but B-3 arose and swiped the robot. He was unable to dodge its attacks and was knocked off a cliff. Atom flew the robot into the ground. He flew out of an ice shelf and rammed B-3, punched it, swung it around, and threw it. Atom tried to make a grab for Kandor as it floated along a river but B-3 whipped the robot and took it back to Brainiac. Atom demanded Kandor again. B-3 wrapped its tendrils around the Superman Robot and caused it to explode at last.