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Star of the Dead

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Zombie King
Powers/Skills: Manipulation of the Dead
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Star of the Dead is a crystal with the power to raise a zombie army. Zombies could also spread the Star's power simply by exhaling and turn living beings into zombies. It was once owned by an old voodoo queen named Granny Cottonmouth. If the Star were placed in the hands of a certain statue in the City of the Dead, an above ground cemetery, during the night of the Crimson Moon, a mystical eclipse that takes place every hundred years, the Star's power can spread and turn all organic life into zombies instantly. At some point, the crystal was buried outside of New Orleans at a swamp under the cover of a tree. A wooden cross bearing Granny Cottonmouth's name was left as a marker.

On the night of a Crimson Moon, Solomon Grundy located the Star and he declared himself king of the zombies. He issued his first command and the dead nearby rose up as zombies under his control. Grundy was able to enter the City of the Dead and secured the Star on the statue's hands. Batman attempted to destroy it with exploding Batarangs but nothing happened. The Star emitted a wave of energy that turned Batman and Zatanna into zombies then the citizens of New Orleans. Swamp Thing focused his big toe into a tendril and extended across the cemetery and grabbed the Star out of the statue. All the affected people returned to normal. Swamp Thing shattered the Star.