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Space Train

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: All Aboard the Space Train
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Space Train is a train that offers transportation of customers and/or items across space. The Justice League used the train to transport some confiscated items that belonged in the Watchtower Vault but it was hijacked by Kanjar Ro. Kanjar ejected the staff into space with Force Field Generators on. Batman infiltrated the train and battled several pirates. He made his way to the front and encountered Kanjar but was thrown out. Justice 1 was unable to catch up the train at max speed so they looked for any allies who were closer. They found Space Cabbie but he was on his break. Cyborg offered to quadruple his fare and give him a 20% tip. Cabbie accepted but nearly fell off the rear. He climbed inside and hid as soon as he glimpsed Kanjar. Batman instructed him to go to the cargo hold and open container #722. Jonah Hex was thawed out and brought up to speed. All he had to be told was a "very bad man" took over the train. Hex took up a pair of laser pistols and took on the pirates on guard duty. He shot out a window to take out the rest.

They discovered a force field was erected to prevent access to the engine room. They put on Force Field Generators and Magnetic Space Walking Boots then took a hatch to the roof. They walked across to the front and re-entered. Hex and Kanjar traded shots until Kanjar had him dead to rights. Hex improvised and yanked on the overhead brake line. Kanjar went flying into the helm. The gravity of a nearby star threatened to pull the train off course. Cabbie took over and steered the train onto a desert planet. After crashing through several sand dunes, the train came to a halt. Hex took some food from the train and tamed a native species to use as horse then rode off into the sunset.