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Space Cab

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Follow That Space Cab!, All Aboard the Space Train, The Fatal Fare, and Barehanded
Appearances (Webisodes): Selfie Help, Special Delivery, Special Delivery, and Driver's Ed
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Space Cab is an astropod vehicle used by the Nine-Planet Taxi Company and resembles a 1950s style taxi found on the planet Earth. It is equipped with a transwarp drive and a triple fusion power core. Near the end of a 10 hour shift, Space Cabbie got one last customer - Superman who was blasted into the rear seat by Lobo. Cabbie flipped a switch on the dash and a replacement glass rose up and sealed the cab from the vacuum of space. Once Lobo and Jonas opened fire, Cabbie started up the fare box and took evasive action. Superman asked for the CB radio and sent a message to the Watchtower on Earth requesting back up. Lobo threw a Negative Ion Grenade onto the cab's trunk and shorted out the power core. Luckily, Hawkman came to their aid. Superman sensed Lobo was luring him into a trap so Cabbie broke out the jack. They landed on the mine and Superman recharged himself from a nearby yellow sun. Mister Mind sneaked into the dash board and plotted to rewire the power core and transwarp drive to detonate but Cabbie was onto him.

Cabbie tricked Mind into a photo op and recaptured him but Lobo crashed onto the hood of the cab. It was totaled. Superman crushed a piece of anthracite into a large diamond to cover the cost of the taxi fare and damages to the Space Cab. Some time later, Space Cabbie parked his Space Cab on an asteroid to enjoy a hoagie but he was interrupted by Batman and Cyborg, who needed his help with taking back the Space Train. He had Jack, a droid, take the wheel while he waited for a chance to hop onto the train. Jack pushed him out of the Space Cab and departed. While he was between fares, Space Cabbie watched the commercial for a new upstart in the cosmic charter business, Roxy Rocket, and doubted she could cut into his revenue. While the back seat was a little broken in, further evidenced by the exposed spring, Cabbie likened the cab to flying on the family couch. Then Cabbie's seat fell flat. Cabbie got new fare in and drove to Apokolips to pick up Darkseid. Cabbie drove him to the Third Moon of Graxos IV.

After discovering Superman was taken prisoner aboard a battleship, Cabbie tried to drive away but Darkseid placed his hand on the hood and stopped it. Kanto supposedly needed a ride back to Apokolips but was really assigned to killing Cabbie. Cabbie suspected as much and made up a story about how the Green Lantern Corps cordoned off his desired destination, the acid lake planet of Schlough, then suggested the remote and dangerous jungle planet populated with carnivorous plants with corrosive goo. Kanto agreed to the suggestion and Cabbie drove the cab through a wormhole it generated. They arrived on Earth where Swamp Thing captured Kanto. Cabbie then drove Hawkman and Swamp Thing back to the Third Moon. He drove through a glass pane into the battleship. Cabbie got Jack out of the trunk and it liberated Superman's prison of its Kryptonite source. After the battle's conclusion, Jack went to work on repairing the cab. It started the cab and the hood exploded then the engine dropped to the ground below.

Cabbie drove Batman from New Genesis back to the Watchtower on Earth for a $38,000 fare or selfie. Batman chose the former. During a double fare, the roof was torn off by two Parademons in pursuit of Booster Gold. Cabbie later used the ejector seat to get rid of Granny Goodness after she helped the other passenger give birth. Space Cabbie helped Stargirl practice for her Space Driver's License road test and she drove his Space Cab. To his surprise, Stargirl knew the trunk could fire a grappling hook. Even he didn't know about the option. Hal Jordan found a Space Cab fueling up at a Robo-Gas and told Space Cabbie to follow Lobo. He took off and snapped off the gas tank's hose. Luckily, Cabbie happened to have just got an automatic upload of a galactic positioning system. It plotted an intercept course then opened a wormhole. Jordan neutralized Lobo but he didn't have the ring. He suspected the only other person in the restroom when he took his ring off, a Two-Headed Babajorian.

Hal Jordan told Cabbie to take the fastest route possible but that meant initating an unadvised course through an unstable wormhole. Before Cabbie and Jordan could stop the navigational system, it made the jump. The Space Cab landed back at the Robo-Gas as an utter wreck. Some time later, repairs were done and Cabbie learned the GPS was really a disembodied artifical intelligence with no memory of its origin. It left the cab to search for something or someone. Cabbie found that weird but quickly departed Robo-Gas.