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Security Drone

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Watchtower Tours
Powers/Skills: Flight, Laser Emission, and Above Average Strength
Voiced By: Diedrich Bader

The Justice League's Watchtower defenses included a rapid deployment team of security drones whenever scans detect a suspicious device or intruders. During the end of Booster Gold's Justice League Watchtower Guided Celebrity Tour and Souvenir Emporium, Booster and his tourists were saved by his suit's Automatic Emergency Space-Time Shift and teleported into the monitor room. It scanned Jackie, detected something, and inititated lockdown procedure. 32 drones were dispatched. They proceeded to eradicate everyone and opened fire with their lasers. Granny Goodness proposed using her Mother Box she planned to use to send the Watchtower into the Sun. She scrambled and threw it to Toyman who ran it to Joker who handed it to Booster Gold. Booster activated the Mother Box and threw it near Teddy, Toyman's robot who was infecting systems with malware. Teddy fell into the Boom Tube then 31 drones flew in after it. The last drone chased Booster. He opened a door and dodged the drone at the last second. After it flew through the doorway, Booster closed it.

Internal defenses still detected Toyman, Granny, Joker, and Booster as an unknown associate. It deployed even more drones. They ran for it down a hall. Booster tried to call Batman for help with Joker's phone but he got voicemail. They dodged the drones who crashed into wall but recombined. Booster's suit charged enough and he teleported away. The villains ran into a room but the drones pounded the door and blasted it. Suddenly, 32 Booster Golds came to their rescue and blasted the drones to pieces. After Booster explained to Batman his unlicensed tour business was just a ruse to catch the villains, he left with Skeets to return the boat he rented but the lone drone was still waiting for him.