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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Cube Root
Powers/Skills: Levitation, Computer Functions, Projection, and Tracking
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The S-Cubes are electronic accessories invented by Martin Stein for his graduate school project. He envisioned them as the perfect blancmange of form and function like stepping stones to the sky. He discovered his roommate and 14 year old prodigy Michael Holt was coincidentally working on a similar concept called T-Spheres. Stein believed Holt stole his idea and held a grudge ever since even though their designs were completely different. In the present, the supervillain Calculator hacked the T-Spheres, accidentally split Firestorm and kidnapped Ronnie Raymond. Stein used his S-Cubes to trace the spheres' tachyon emissions to Calculator's hideout. Stein formed his cubes into one giant cube and flew it towards the building with Mr. Terrific. Terrific assimilated several S-Cubes and distracted the T-Spheres while Stein went on ahead. Afterwards, he had his last cube mask itself as a T-Sphere then joined the battle in Calculator's base. Calculator took the bait and left himself exposed. Terrific revealed the cube and threw it at him while Firestorm reunited. Stein admitted the spheres were completely original but Firestorm told Terrific he was sorry for being a bonehead, instead.