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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Repulse!
Powers/Skills: Solar Absorption, Replication, and Electromagnetism
Voiced By: James Woods

Lex Luthor created Repulse, millions of nanobots designed to feed off the solar radiation in Superman's body. As a result, the nanobots would produce a geometrically increasing repulsive electromagnetic charge. Luthor covered himself in Repulse and marched through Metropolis to bait Superman. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Hawkman battled him, not knowing he was Luthor, but their attacks were repelled by the electromagnetic charge. Superman used his heat vision to cut a hole in the street under Repulse. He fell into the sewers and levitated back to an underground lair. Superman followed. He reached into Repulse's field and it started dissipating, revealing Luthor. After police left with Luthor, Superman discovered he was infected. Repulse formed around his body and a field was generated. Superman realized he was a danger to everyone and flew into space. Wonder Woman and Hawkman paid Luthor a visit at Stryker's Island Penitentiary.

Wonder Woman used her Lasso of Truth to force Luthor to explain his invention then asked how to get rid of it. Luthor theorized they would need something more powerful than the Sun to drain the power from the nanobots. They chose Black Hole XT-357. Superman flew near its event horizon and resisted its pull. The Repulse energy was being drained off but Luthor attacked him with Justice-2 to force him into the black hole. A meteor struck Justice-2 and Luthor fell towards the black hole. Superman went after him. They observed the center thanks to the Repulse power protecting them from the crushing weight of the black hole. Superman flew towards the Lasso of Truth and was pulled out by Wonder Woman. The last of the Repulse came off. The Repulse continued operating and growing as the black hole collapsed. A sizeable explosion was triggered.