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Navigational System

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Real Identity: Aya
Appearances: Barehanded
Powers/Skills: Artificial Intelligence
Voiced By: Grey Griffin

A Space Cab received what its Space Cabbie thought was an automatic upload of a galactic positioning system. He found it to be a real fire cracker. After Cabbie took on Hal Jordan as a fare, it extrapolated Lobo's destination, plotted an intercept course then opened a wormhole. Jordan neutralized Lobo but he didn't have the ring. He suspected the only other person in the restroom when he took his ring off, a Two-Headed Babajorian. Hal Jordan wanted the fastest route possible but that meant initating an unadvised course through an unstable wormhole. Before Cabbie and Jordan could stop the navigational system, it made the jump. The Space Cab landed back at the Robo-Gas as an utter wreck. The navigational system acted as a translator between the Babajorian and Jordan. Some time later, repairs were done and the navigational system admitted there was something familiar about that Green Lantern. Cabbie thought it was an odd thing for a GPS to say.

The navigational system revealed it wasn't an app and was really a disembodied artifical intelligence with no memory of its origin. Cabbie declared they made a great team and it could stay with him. It declined the offer and admitted it felt compelled to find something or someone. It morphed into a sphere and left the cab, stating it wouldn't give up hope like the Lantern. Cabbie found that weird but quickly departed Robo-Gas.