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Nanobot Swarm

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Inside Job
Powers/Skills: Engineering, Tendril Generation, Replication (Queen only), Laser Emission (Queen only), and Enhanced Strength (Queen only)
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Lex Luthor tricked Superman into inhaling a cloud of green gas after he unleashed it over Metropolis. Though he exhaled it into space, Superman was injected with a nanobot swarm programmed to harvest the solar energy in his cells, effectively killing him over time. Superman soon succombed and lost consciousness. The nanobots constructed a colony in his heart and the queen continued to produce more drones. As Superman's vitals continued to drop, Batman knew they had to stop the nanobots and take out their queen. The Atom used his white dwarf star technology to shrink himself, Batman, and Wonder Woman for 30 minutes then they went into Superman's body. They came upon the machine sucking up the solar energy but a nanobot swarm was also present and attacked them. The nanobots extended their tendrils at the League. Wonder Woman broke through and punched the machine. The remaining nanobots deactivated.

Batman noticed Superman's vitals immediately started to tick back up. Luthor lost the nanobot's feed and realized the Atom was helping to save Superman's life. Batman, Wonder Woman and Atom threw the nanobots into the bloodstream so that Superman's immune system could dissolve them. They soon noticed more nanobots coming and discovered the queen's location. It retreated in search of a safer nesting ground. With five minutes left, they pursued it but Luthor broke into the Watchtower to finish off Superman. The Atom left Superman to take on Luthor while Batman and Superman continued. The queen went on the offense and fired twin lasers from its forehead. She attempted to take control by lassoing the mandibles and positioning herself on its neck. Batman tried slicing its underside with a Batarang but it went on the move again.

They landed in Superman's lungs with a minute and a half to spare. The queen pinned Wonder Woman in its mandibles. To make matters worse, Superman's immune system attacked Batman. He activated his glider and rocket boosters then broke free. He tossed a Batarang at the queen. Wonder Woman got free and lifted the queen into the air for Batman to bola its legs then dropped it. Wonder Woman used some leverage to snap the mandibles off then threw them, effecting slicing the queen's head and back in half. She picked it up by the head and tossed it over for Superman's immune system to dissolve. With only 15 seconds left, Batman had Superman sneeze them out by throwing out a bunch of explosive charges.