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Mongul's Cruiser

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Galaxy Jest
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Joker was kidnapped by the Mongul and transported to his cruiser via tractor beam. Mongul dragged the Joker to an arena and ordered him to make the warriors present laugh or he would suffer. The Joker went through his jokes but got no laughs. Eventually, the Mongul jumped down into the ring. Joker offered a handshake. The Mongul shaked his hand but was electrocuted with a joy buzzer. The warriors gasped then broke out into laughter. Mongul was angered and decided to throw Joker out the airlock into space. Luckily, Superman was waiting. He blasted Mongul with heat vision then entered and secured the Joker. He hailed Wonder Woman on comms to meet at the cruiser's docking bay. She was still flying outside securing the perimeter. Mongul attacked Superman and the two battled throughout the crusier. Wonder Woman landed in the docking bay and found many warriors waiting. She thrashed them.

Mongul brought Superman into the ring from before. Superman used his X-Ray vision and located the engine room. Superman dodged Mongul's mace, tossed it at him, then decked him into the rear of the cruiser where the engine room was. A chain reaction of explosions were set off. The Joker ran into Wonder Woman's spacecraft and tried to figure out how to operate it but Wonder Woman lassoed his head. Superman returned to Earth and inhaled all of the Joker's Super Laughing Gas then flew back to the cruiser and exhaled it. Mongul and all of the warriors broke out into fits of laughter.