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Mister Mind's Robot

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Brain Buster
Powers/Skills: Portal Generation, Teleportation, Invulnerability, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By:

Mr. Mind sent a robot to kidnap the five smartest people on Earth after a list was published by Mr. Terrific. The robot took the Brain and the Calculator from their respective hideouts. It descended upon a maximum security facility and shrugged off direct hits from the facility's turrents then crashed through a ceiling. It expanded to its normal configuration then began scanning inmates. It bypassed Riddler and Gorilla Grodd then found its query, Lex Luthor. It pulled the bars off his cell and told him to come with it. Luthor was intrigued but the facility's automated drones arrived and opened fire. It grabbed Luthor, opened a portal, and jumped in. The robot took a portal to the Watchtower and demanded Batman and Mr. Terrific to come with it. Batman threw a Batarang but it simply bounced off. Terrific decided to test the robot's purpose and charged. It fired a beam from its head that teleported Terrific to an alien world where Luthor, Calculator, and the Brain were already being held on. It soon blasted Batman to the planet.

After Luthor won the Brain Games, the robot emerged from below the giant chest board and captured him in a bear hug. Mr. Mind revealed himself and his plan to steal the body of the world's smartest Earthling. The robot placed the same kind of helmet Mind was wearing on Luthor's head. Mr. Terrific intervened. The robot released Luthor and tried to punch Terrific. Batman threw an electrified bola from behind and overloaded it.