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Magdalene Grimoire

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting
Powers/Skills: Collection of Magic
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Magdalene Grimoire is a text collecting occult ceremonies, incantations, mystic rites, and summoning spells. Many spells are writtin in Latin. Klarion the Witch Boy sought the grimoire for 500 years. Somehow, it ended up in the possession of a professor and collector named Mr. Anderson. Klarion sensed it and entered the home while he was gone. While Teekl searched for it, Klarion posed as Anderson's son, Timmy, and distracted Courtney Whitmore, who Anderson hired to babysit. She eventually noticed Teekl and chased it into the study. By coincidence, Teekl knocked the Magdalene Grimoire off its stand. Klarion recognized it and revealed himself. He demonstrated its power and conjured a flame turrent. Whitmore barely fled the study in time. She called Batman for help. Batman brought Constantine along. Constantine immediately recognized the grimoire and reckoned he could do a lot with it then decided he was going to take it off Klarion. He was unable to unlock the magic barrier Klarion raised.

Klarion cast another spell from the grimoire and a portal opened on the other side. A tidal wave poured out. Klarion tried another spell but all it did was open a portal to an establishment with three demon women. Constantine was taken with them and vice versa but Klarion closed the portal to his annoyance. Constantine eventually broke the barrier down with a Japanese spell. Batman threw out a Batarang at Klarion but he used the grimoire to open another portal. A beast reached out with a tentacle and grabbed Batman. Stargirl used her Cosmic Staff to pull at the grimoire through psychokinetic manipulation. Klarion held on with all his might. Stargirl clicked the staff off and Klarion smacked himself in the face with the grimoire. Stargirl then used her staff to cast the grimoire over to Constantine. He complied with Klarion's demands and handed it back. Then Constantine punched him across the study.

Constantine read from the grimoire and closed the portal. The beast pulled Klarion through along with Teekl then the portal closed. Constantine then cast a spell to fix the study and return everything to where it was before the battle. He held onto the grimoire and opened a portal to the three demon women he met earlier.