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Lasso of Truth

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Power Outage, Night of the Bat, and Abate and Switch), Galaxy Jest, Play Date, Repulse!, Luthor in Paradise, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Inside Job, The Trouble with Truth, The Fatal Fare, Booray for Bizarro, Superman Red vs. Superman Blue, The Ringer, Forget Me Not, E. Nigma, Consulting Detective, Phased and Confused, System Error (Pocket Dimension), Race Against Crime, Party Animal, Captain Bamboozle, Unleashed, and She Wore Red Velvet
Appearances (Webisodes): Up and Atom, Good Cop, Bat Cop, Lasso of Lies, Quality Time, Selfie Help, Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!, and The Goddess Must Be Crazy
Powers/Skills: Truth Projection
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Lasso of Truth is a golden lariat and the main weapon of Wonder Woman. Those ensnared by it are forced to speak only the truth and is one of the few things that can hold even supernatural beings at bay. Even Calythos of the Brothers Djinn obeyed the lasso and answered Wonder Woman's query. During the Gutbuster case, Wonder Woman lassoed the Joker in the head as he tried to figure out the controls to her spacecraft in an attempt to flee Mongul. In the initial battle against Repulse nanobots, Wonder Woman was tied up in her own lasso. When Hawkman asked if she was okay, Wonder Woman answered she was hardly because she was tied up, didn't get to eat any canoli for dessert and didn't get "that kiss." Wonder Woman later used the lasso on Lex Luthor to force him to explain the nature of the Repulse nanobots he infected Superman with. While in the Fallen Realm, Wonder Woman used the lasso on Luthor to make him confess he was planning to double cross his partner Circe after they took over Olympus. After she disarmed Luthor of the Oculus of the Argo, Circe tried to sneak away but Wonder Woman lassoed her.

After destroying all nanobots and the queen, Wonder Woman and Batman ran out of time to escape Superman before Atom's device returned them to normal size. Batman forced Superman to sneeze with explosive charges. They happened to smack right into Lex Luthor before he could finish off the Atom. Wonder Woman tied up his hands with the Lasso of Truth. In search of answers about H.I.V.E.'s plans, Wonder Woman lassoed one of their soldiers. He tried to resist but revealed they were going to blow up Metropolis with a Cobalt Fusion Bomb. Booster Gold needed the Lasso of Truth to make sure he was getting a good deal on his new Booster Car. He stole it and had Plastic Man stand in for it in the meantime. Wonder Woman discovered the ruse while she was in the middle of interrogating Deadshot. Booster returned and was caught by Wonder Woman. Ensnared by the Lasso, Booster confessed the truth then added he lost his previous Booster Car after he accidentally parked it in a junkyard because he doesn't care for the things he loves then added he ate a glob of paste in second grade and his time suit stopping working for a few months so he was secretly teleporting to ice cream shops eating sundaes pretending they were paste. Booster was impressed with the Lasso's powers. Deadshot caved in and revealed he was hired by Lex Luthor.

The Lasso of Truth couldn't hold Amazo for long. He used Martian Manhunter's power to phase through it then tied Wonder Woman up in it. With her memory stolen by Felix Faust, Wonder Woman initially tied herself up by mistake with the Lasso of Truth but by the end of the battle, used it to trip a Stone Golem and snatch Faust's orb out of his hand. Wonder Woman used the lasso to interrogate criminals in Gotham about where the Joker was. She dangled one off the roof of a building by the lasso but he had no clue. She later had Riddler submit to it so see his offer to help them was genuine. Riddler admitted he was angry the Joker stole his idea to leave clues around the city. The lasso did little but temporarily impede Zod during a battle at S.T.A.R. Labs. He yanked the lasso then punched Wonder Woman into a wall. At the end of the incident, she used the Lasso to whip a green Jaw Destroyer candy into Zod's head to distract him and give Superman a window to blast him, Faora, and Quex-Ul back into the Phantom Zone.

While wearing his Time Suit, Luthor could move at super speed and tied up Wonder Woman with the Lasso. Wonder Woman used the Lasso to capture Supergirl, who was possessed by Faust, on Themyscira and grounded them. Hippolyta's anti-man spell kicked in and Faust was ejected then launched into the ocean.