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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Power Outage, Night of the Bat, and Abate and Switch), Repulse!, Plastic Man Saves the World, All Aboard the Space Train, The Fatal Fare, The Ringer, Watchtower Tours, Barehanded, Captain Bamboozle, and She Wore Red Velvet
Appearances (Webisodes): Beep Beep, Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!, and Skyjacked
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Justice-1 is a ship used by the Justice League as their main form of transporation. After Calythos was defeated, Batman arrived with the Justice-1. Calythos and Parasite were placed in cyrogenic tubes aboard the ship. It was slammed in half as the battle between Superman and Uthool possessed-Batman spilled through the Hall of Justice. After regrouping at the House of Mystery, the League returned to Calythos' fissure in the Justice-1 and battled the remaining Brothers Djinn. Wonder Woman and Hawkman took the Justice-1 to Black Hole XT357 with Lex Luthor in handcuffs. Superman, infected with Repulse nanobots, knew what to do and flew near the black hole to drain the power of the nanobots. Luthor freed himself and detached from Justice-1 in the Justice-2 pod. He opened fire on Superman to push him into the black hole but a meteor struck Justice-2. Superman went after Luthor and they were pulled to safety by Wonder Woman. Back aboard Justice-1, Luthor realized the nanobots were still operating. He advised Hawkman to leave immediately. Soon after, the black hole collapsed.

After Metropolis (and the world) was saved by Plastic Man, Justice-1 was brought to Metropolis. Brainiac was fitted into a retraint. The League was relieved to see Plastic Man survived the destruction of Brainiac's ship but Brainiac saw him as well and upgraded him to an 87% threat level. Cyborg enclosed Brainiac. Batman and Cyborg took Justice 1 into space to track down the Space Train after it was hijacked by Kanjar Ro. Cyborg stayed behind in Justice 1 and picked up the train's staff, who were all ejected and left to float in space with Force Field Generators on. Cyborg later picked up Batman after Kanjar threw him out. Unable to catch up in Justice 1, they discovered Space Cabbie was near the train and hired him to help. After Cabbie landed the train on a desert planet, Cyborg took Kanjar into custody and walked him to a holding cell in Justice 1. Acting on tips from informants, Wonder Woman and Hawkman trailed Apokoliptian battleships on Justice 1 with Superman accompanying them. Wonder Woman later caught up to the others and landed Justice 1 on the Third Moon of Graxos IV. Desaad and several Parademons were imprisoned aboard.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Plastic Man deployed in Justice-1 in search of one of H.I.V.E.'s bases but it was heavily cloaked and they came under fire. Wonder Woman gave the order to split up and man the various Justice vehicles. She took Justice-2 while Batman and Plastic Man were supposed to take the Justice-3 tanks but the latter hit "4" on the user panel and deployed the Justice-4 submarine. Cyborg remained in Justice 1 to draw H.I.V.E.'s fire. Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Atom provided support to Green Lantern in Justice-1 as he struggled against Sinestro. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn sneaked into the Watchtower and hijacked Justice-1. They thought they got away but the Batjet pursued them. Harley fired the ship's missiles but Batman fired his grapnel gun at the rear. Ivy disengaged Justice-2 but Batman fired a grapnel into the underside. Harley dropped Justice-4 but Batman activated its thrusters. She dropped Justice-3 and 5 next. He jumped into Justice-5 and flew to the front of Justice-1.

Ivy and Harley were ready to fire but the pod was empty. Batman ripped the roof open and dropped inside. After a brief fight, Ivy's vine whip damaged the ship's guidance system and they went into a freefall. Instead of pulling off a last minute save, Batman sat on the passenger seat and put on the seatbelts. Shazam, Martian Manhaunter, and Superman caught Justice-1 at the last second. Harley and Ivy went flying into the windshield. During his Justice League Watchtower Guided Celebrity Tour and Souvenir Emporium, Booster Gold played off Justice-1 as his personal jet Booster-1. Granny Goodness, incognito, pointed out the name "Justice-1" was painted on the side. Booster claimed it was a typo and they were going to send it back to the shop to be corrected. Batman rounded up Kanjar Ro and his gang with Justice-1 following a battle in space with Green Lantern. He later rounded up Lobo on false pretenses after Lantern mistook him for the one who stole his power ring and tried to cover himself. Batman, Red Tornado, and Wonder Woman took Justice-1 to Metropolis and joined Shazam against Felix Faust.

An eruption triggered by Red Velvet decimated the Watchtower. Batman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and Booster Gold fled to Justice-1. Wonder Woman opened the rear and Booster flew in but boulders destroyed the bridge and platform. As Justice-1 fell, she held it up the rear. Batman and Green Arrow jumped down into it and made it to the cockpit. They activated thrusters, circled and scooped up Wonder Woman, then flew outside. While Booster's time suit recharged, he told them about his fiancee Margo Montgomery. Red Velvet found them and opened fire. She blasted the left wing and port engines took heavy damage. Booster's time suit was done and he jumped to the future with Batman. Arrow inititated the autopilot and realized he was left behind with Wonder Woman until the timeline was reset.