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Force Field Generator

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: All Aboard the Space Train
Powers/Skills: Force Field Generation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Force Field Generators are belts containing technology that forms a yellow force field around its user's body. A person using this generator can survive in space and breath normally for an unspecified amount of time. Several are kept aboard the Space Train. Batman utilized one to infiltrate the Space Train after it was hijacked by Kanjar Ro and his pirates. Cyborg piloted Justice 1 and gathered up the train's staff in space, all wearing generators, in the meantime. Batman was ejected into space by Kanjar. He held his breath and activated his generator then waited for Cyborg to pick him up. They recruited Space Cabbie to help. Cabbie agreed to Cyborg's payment offer and used his own generator. After waking up Jonah Hex from cryogenic slumber, they donned Magnetic Space Walking Boots and Force Field Generators then walked along the roof to bypass a force field blocking access to the front of the train.