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Cobalt Fusion Bomb

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Trouble with Truth
Powers/Skills: Detonation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

H.I.V.E. planned to destroy Metropolis with a Cobalt Fusion Bomb. They kept it at a secret base in the Metropolis Docks. The Justice League tried to pinpoint the large radioactive signature given off by the bomb but Athena's trusty owl Bubo found it for them. They descended on the base by jet. H.I.V.E. soldiers took up defensive positions around the bomb as the League and Athena approached. After they were all defeated, the H.I.V.E. Master attacked them in a bee robot but Wonder Woman removed him. He quickly activated the 30 second countdown from his gauntlet. Wonder Woman demanded he stop it but he refused. Observing how he would sacrifice others' lives but never his own, Wonder Woman stuck him to the bomb. With three seconds left, the Master caved and issued the code to cancel the autodestruct sequence, "H.I.V.E. Master, one bee, two bee, three."