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Brainiac's Ship

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Plastic Man Saves the World
Powers/Skills: Interstellar Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

For the Metropolis campaign, Brainiac's ship hovered above the area where the Daily Planet was located. Batman stated someone had to infiltrate the ship unnoticed and take it out before Metropolis was shrunken and stolen. Despite being turned down, Plastic Man went on his own to prove himself and slingshot his way to the top of the Planet. He stretched up to the ship, but he was detected and defenses activated. Eight cannons surrounded Plastic Man. He crawled back down to the Planet's globe. He regrouped and disguised himself among a flock of geese. The ship's sensors classified the geese as a 0.0% threat and stood down. Plastic Man entered the ship through a grate and reformed. He observed all the 9,999 bottled cities in Brainiac's collection. While defending himself from Superman, Brainiac ordered the robots on the ship to prepare the miniaturization cannon. A robot commenced the firing sequence. Plastic Man slipped into the command room and pushed the button to retract the cannon while shadowing a robot.

Plastic Man discovered he was 4.6% threat level in Brainiac's database. The robots ignored him and reinitialized the cannon. Plastic Man posed as a robot and stated he has commanded to take the ship out of orbit. A robot demanded to know which unit. Plastic Man didn't have answer and claimed it was "Steve." The robot prepared to expunge him but Plastic Man turned into a boxing glove and knocked it out. The other three opened fire but only hit the control consoles. The miniaturization cannon reached full power and Plastic Man learned he was locked out of the computer. Batman instructed him to fly the ship away but the controls were all smashed up. Plastic Man went into the cannon and instigated an overload. The cannon's destruction crippled and destroyed the ship. Plastic Man managed to store all of the bottle cities inside himself then floated back down to the city.