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Brainiac Robots

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Plastic Man Saves the World
Powers/Skills: Analysis and Laser Emission
Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore

A group of four Brainiac Robots operates Brainiac's spaceship. Above Metropolis, one robot detected Plastic Man and activated eight cannons. After he retreated, the robot reported the threat was aborted. It reported to Brainiac and informed him it was ready to claim the city designated as Metropolis. As Superman attacked Brainiac's force field, Brainiac ordered the robots to prepare the miniaturization cannon for collection. A robot commenced the firing sequence. Plastic Man sneaked into the ship and looked over the shoulder of one of the robots. It pressed a button to retract the cannon when it wasn't looking. The robot scanned Plastic Man and determined he was 4/6% threat level. The robot reinitialized the cannon. Plastic Man returned and posed as another robot claiming it was ordered by the robot known as Steve to take the ship out of orbit. He was scanned and found out. A robot prepared to expunge him but Plastic turned into a boxing glove and knocked it out. The other three fired their arm cannons but only shot up the others and the control consoles. He constricted the last robot like a boa then entered the robot and imploded it.