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Bot Bots

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Webisodes): Mint Condition
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Bot Bots are a famous brand of robot action figures that were first produced back in the 1980s. Cyborg collected them since he was a child and amassed hundreds by the time he was a member of the Justice League. He stored his collection in his quarters at the Watchtower. After he recently added more to his collection, Toyman broke into the tower and weaponized the Bot Bots. Cyborg refused to let Stargirl and Batman destroy any of them. He took a blast from the Cosmic Staff and pointed out they were 1985 Generation One Bot Bots. He shot down several Batarangs and pointed out a Generation Four, the first one with articulating limbs. He fretting about them scuffing his die cast Generation Six figures and instructed them to gently put each one back in their box. Toyman said it was too late since value decreased the longer they stayed out of the box. Toyman was surprised to see a Japanese version of the Generation Six Die Cast Bot Bot. Cyborg revealed he got it at a convention.

Toyman came to his senses and announced he rigged one with explosives powerful enough to blow up the Watchtower. Cyborg didn't believe him since the figure he rigged was a Generation Three International 1982. There was only five in existence and his was in mint condition. He proclaimed a true lover of Bot Bots would never harm it. Toyman caved and rescinded his plans. He admired its stencil detailing and axel variation. Cyborg added he also had the playset. They geeked out together on Bot Bots while Batman left, pretending this never happened.