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Black Hole

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Repulse!
Powers/Skills: Gravitational Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ensnared in Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, Lex Luthor theorized something more powerful than the Sun was needed to drain the power from the Repulse nanobots he infected Superman with. With Luthor in tow, Wonder Woman and Hawkman took the Justice-1 to Black Hole XT-357. Superman arrived soon after. He flew near the event horizon and resisted its force to drain the Repulse energy off. Luthor got free from his restraints and hijacked the Justice-2. He fired on Superman in an attempt to force him into the black hole. Justice-2 was hit by a meteor and Luthor drifted into the black hole. Superman rescued him and they gleaned the center. The Repulse power protected them from the crushing weight of the black hole but they didn't have much time left. Wonder Woman threw her Lasso of Truth inside and she pulled them out. The last of the Repulse seeped off. Back on Justice-1, they noticed the nanobots were still operating and growing within the black hole while it collapsed. Luthor advised Hawkman they should leave. As soon as they departed, the black hole collapsed and a massive explosion was set off.