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Astro Harness

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Under a Red Sun
Powers/Skills: Transportation, Tracking, and Energy Projection
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Astro Harness is a specialized harness used by the New Gods. It allows for flight, has standard sensors, can fire energy blasts, and send out tracking drones. After his initial attempt to kill Superman failed, Steppenwolf donned his Astro Harness and hunted Superman with two Parademons. The harness' sensors indicated the canyon dead ended to a lake so Steppenwolf concluded Superman wasn't far. Superman took out the Parademons first but Steppenwolf blasted him in the back. Superman went in through a cavern and it was sealed after a tripwire was triggered. Steppenwolf had enough and opened fire. He sent in a drone. Once it located him, Steppenwolf detonated the drone. Superman had climbed high enough that the blast propelled him to the top. He ran off the edge and landed on Steppenwolf. He lost control of the Astro Harness and they crashed down a mountain to the lake. Superman used a remnant of the harness to electrify the lake and defeat Steppenwolf.