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Anti-Life Equation

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: It'll Take a Miracle!
Powers/Skills: Life Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Anti-Life Equation is a formula for complete control over the minds of sentient life. It became the center of Darkseid's ultimate plan to conquer the universe. He planned to insert the equation into his Life-Void Machine and transmit the equation across the universe, allowing him to vaporize all sentient thought and reduce all life into mindless shells bowing to his will. Mr. Miracle stole the last piece of the Anti-Life Equation and ran away to Earth. Darkseid kidnapped Big Barda and bargained her life for the last piece. Batman found Miracle but he escaped his grasp at every turn. Batman finally explained Darkseid had a hostage and Barda turned out to be Miracle's old girlfriend. In the ensuing battle, Batman used a sleight of hand to swamp the orb holding the last piece of the equation with an orb holding Miracle's laser light show. He decided the last piece of the equation would be held under guard at the Watchtower on Earth.