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All That Glitters

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: She Wore Red Velvet
Powers/Skills: Entertainment
Voiced By: Not Applicable

"All That Glitters: The Booster Gold Story", or "All That Glitters" for short, is an autobiography written by Booster Gold. About nine chapters deal with his fiancee Margo Montgomery. Booster gave everyone in the Justice League signed copies as gifts for one Christmas. Nobody read it. He held a book signing at a Gotham Books and lured people in with a false promise there would be a special guest appearance by Batman. Booster tried to summon Batman with a code 10 emergency but got no response. Everyone wanted Batman but Booster started the signing. A woman mistook him for Animal Man. As he signed for a Batman cosplayer, a woman in red velvet interrupted. The cosplayer asked if she was an Elseworlds Harley Quinn but Booster thought she was a Red Lantern. The woman replied they were both wrong and opened fire with her ring. Booster formed a force sphere around himself and the cosplayer and took cover behind a book shelf. Red Velvet revealed it was all to get Booster's attention then she brought down the building.