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Robot Justice League

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: System Error
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

Darkseid used a pocket dimension to run a simulation in an effort to monitor the responses of robots he programmed to emulate the Justice League. He masked the dimension to look exactly like Metropolis and hid his command center as the Daily Planet. He repeatedly pitted them against robots of villains they fought and collected the test data. In the event of his next battle against the real Justice League, Darkseid would surely destroy them. After an unknown series of simulations, the robot Batman activated inside the Batmobile with his memory reset. The robot Booster Gold came up on his Batmobile's screen and told him about how they were locked into a battle in Metropolis for days. Batman had no memory of it and observed odd combinations of villains like Green Lantern taking on Black Adam and Gorilla Grodd. Wonder Woman and Superman hailed him and he began to question the combinations. They set off for Kanjar Ro and Bane on Third Street.

Batman came to a halt and exited just as Booster Gold bounced off the Batmobile. Harley Quinn and Zod attacked. Booster revealed his time jump wasn't working along with the rest of his technology. Batman roundhouse kicked Harley into a dumpster. Just as Zod swung, Booster tossed him into a Big Belly Burger billboard. Batman was surprised Zod wasn't that tough. He ignored Booster's high five. Cyborg was drained by Parasite and went offline. Batman swiped Parasite with the Batmobile and had Booster collect Cyborg. Batman recalled everyone to S.T.A.R. Labs. He ran an analysis on Cyborg and they discovered they were all robots programmed to think like the Justice League. Parademons stormed S.T.A.R. Labs to retrieve them for reprogramming. Batman realized their programming prevented them from harming them. He threw a smoke bomb and they ran into the streets. They ran to the edge of the city and saw the pocket dimension's true nature. As the Parademons arrived, they hid behind a Big Belly Burger billboard and eavesdropped on their conversation with Darkseid.

They decided they had to do the right thing and find Darkseid's command center then destroy his data. Superman detected unusual signals from inside the Daily Planet but Cyborg pointed out the eight villains they fought earlier were guarding the front door. Booster questioned if stopping Darkseid was really up to them. Batman told him deep down in his programming, he knew it was what the real Booster would do. Booster hated to admit he was right. Batman set off the distress signal in his utility belt then they made a run for the Planet. The villains could not go beyond their programming and follow them inside but there were many Parademons waiting in the lobby. Superman used his super breath to blow all the furniture into them then they ran for the elevators. Robot Booster Gold stayed behind to distract them. He led them into the other elevator then cut the cable. The robot Justice League found Darkseid upstairs watching the dimension from many monitors.

They were unable to hurt Darkseid either but they were still programmed to be heroes, willing to risk their lives to save others. Cyborg erased all the test data and broke the system. The pocket dimension began to collapse. Darkseid used his Mother Box and boomed out of the dimension. The real Batman opened a Boom Tube and directed them inside. They escaped the dimension and arrived at the Watchtower just in time. Batman mused that data could have led to their destruction. Superman thanked them for their help and remarked what they did was incredibly human. Cyborg questioned what they would do next since they went way beyond their original programming. The real Wonder Woman remarked there were plenty of planets in need of heroes. Booster broke out into song about giving sick little planets a Booster shot. The real Booster didn't think he sounded like him. The real Batman thought it was pretty spot on.